First time grower, Any tips greatly appreciated.

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  1. Hey guys, so this is my first time doing a grow. I finally have the time and space to do it and I came across some awesome seeds so i took the opportunity.

    These seeds were found in bud that was bought, they aren't feminized seeds or anything like that. I've been wanting to smoke my own bud since I started smoking years ago, so that is my goal. Not looking for a huge harvest.

    I've made the set up completely out of house hold materials (I am on budget). The plants are approximately 2 weeks old (except for the smaller one, that one is about a week). During the first 2 weeks they ran solely of one 23w CFL and one small 5w LED.

    Today I bought some more powerful leds, (2x 60w equivalent, 7w actual) <-- not sure what that means or what number i should be looking at there.

    Anyways i'm running these 2 new LEDS along side the CFL and weaker LED. How do the plants look? Are they okay for the time they have been growing? Is there something I should or shouldn't be doing? Any feedback would be awesome. One of the plant has leaf edges curling up (middle plant), and another developing what seems to be yellow tips, what could that mean? They are all in the same soil and same type of seed.

    Attached are some pictures of what they look like today.

    Thanks everyone!
    20170714_015802.jpg 20170714_022158.jpg 20170714_022204.jpg 20170714_022617.jpg
  2. they look a little stretched between leaf nodes ,,,can i ask what that bulb is i dont think its the right type of bulb to use it some sort of LED ? but if its 7w its not enough light..a few more 23wcfls might be better ,,mac,
  3. The New LED bulbs i just purchased are A19 General purpose, if that helps.

    My goal was to get some more CFLs but who knew damn walmart doesnt carry them anymore so i got these on the fly. I can return them and get come CFLs from home depot i'm sure if these aren't what i need. So what exactly does the stretching between the nodes mean?
  4. First off in no way do I mean to discourage, I know how it is to have the passion but not the funds. although they looking ok now the older they get the more you will see how insufficient your light source is. And honestly you can forget flowering even 1 plant with them lights, I honestly doubt you would get more than a spliff.
    Also that space even with sufficient light will struggle to handle 1 plant (and you'll have to lst the shit out of it)
    Also cover the brown box, cheapest would be with white paint.
    to go forward the way your going I would say the only chance you have would be to pick just 1 to try and veg and then save for a semi decent led that can flower 1 plant, I don't know leds but something in the Mars range I hear are affordable and can do the job. But saying that their bag seed and you can't tell male from female which make it 100 times harder.

    I'm new to this myself dude, I'm on what I call my first grow now, because I put some money aside to get what was actually needed. But ten years ago when I was living at home I did the exact same thing as you, I made a cardboard box In my wardrobe and put in one normal house light, and I didn't even get a spliff lol. is the best place to start for sure. Go through it and it'll get you thinking your Ed Rosenthal in no time..

    Good luck.
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  5. wEEDhEAD1 youve made some very good points ,,,,the best is that put some money aside and actually get some money for a small set up at least ,and using female seed,and getting some info from Growweedeasy,,,,my first grow inside was in side a tall cardboard box in a corner ,and i was using a 125w ,,mercury lamp ,,,i grew a nice shiva shanti 2 ,we probably all started off not really knowing very much ,when i started there wasnt any forums like GC ,,it was just by reading books by ED Rosenthal ,Jorge Cervantes etc that got me growing properly .and gave me a bit of knowledge how to get things right ,,,and the how togrow weed easy is another good site to look at for quick fix of problems ,,,,,,,,,,,,mac,
  6. Thank you for your feedback! I can stretch ny budget i dont want to half ass it. The box is temp that was just sonething i threw together fast but i live alone so i can move it to a bigger space like maybe my walk in closet? What type of lightage would you deem enough for this grow? Or lets say 2-3 turn out to be female how much light would you recommend for that? Ive already got them this far i dont mind spending more money to keep them growing. Thank you!
  7. Yeah I'd say that box is pretty small. First measure the closet see what dimensions your working with?
    You could get a light that's enough to say veg them all but flower 1. Then if you get lucky with females and you have the space you could get more light as needed.
    And with some research and a small budget for this it will easily pay for itself over and over.
  8. Do you think I should go ahead and get rid of these cheap LED and get more CFls or just buy a powerful ass led grow light? Would that sustain veg and flowering? I'd rather spend the money up front rather then upgrade later. And if cfls work how many do I need and can you recommend me a good led grow light that would be sufficient for this grow. Thanks for all the help.
  9. as I said I'm not very clued up on leds, I'm useing hps atm, but will defiantly go full led when the monies there. So what I say I've picked up through either the forums or sow thing else I've read.
    FIRST measure the space you'll grow in, if this be the closet a tent or that box, get a measure you need to know the dimensions.
    Second, as if you have the money now get the best led you can afford. I know they get very expensive but look online for mars or vispectra, there the names I hear mentioned a lot for affordable decent LEDs.
    I know CFls can be used to flower but that's as far as I've read into them, there the bottom of the food chain for light sources in flower.
    A good average I read is 100w per plant, but that's a very basic measure. IMPORTANTLY when your looking at LEDs know they will be marketed at a higher watt, so it might say Mars hydro 300 but it will be like 140w.

    I'm glad tobhelp where I can but remember I'm new to this myself, I just read a lot. But you can't start looking untill you measure, you need to know the dimensions to work out the light footprint you that best fits your space.
  10. Okay awesome thank you so much. Ive been doing a lot of reading and learning. I updated my set up a bit. Ive read decent things abouf cfls so im gonna get those in place of these led bulb since i have some laying around and then order a powerful led here soon. 20170714_180917.jpg 20170714_180853.jpg
  11. For my first grow I used CFLs and had terrible results, my second grow I decided to buy a good led light. I've learned that if you actually want good buds invest in good equipment (get a tent and led or hps) it's really worth investing into.

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  12. yep LED or HPS are the best to go with for flowering... ive got a small set up i veg with a 125w CLF ,,then flower with 250w sodium light which grows 3 plants easy ,,,mac,
  13. Hey guys! So here is an update!!
    How are the looking? About 3 weeks old now. I had a problem with one having very droopy leaves but it has made a recovery.

    Is it too early to tell the sex?

    All these seeds came from the same bud but 2 of them have grown 5 finger leaves and 2 other ones continue to grow 3 finger leaves? I read different strains can do that but shouldnt they all be one or the other?

    Also some are growing skinny (3 finger plants) while the 2 big ones are growing very big leaves (5 finger plants). They have all been under the same amount of light with rotation and equal feeding.
    Can someone shine some light on why the same strain is growing inconsitently?
    20170719_002618.jpg 20170719_013108.jpg 20170719_013127.jpg 20170719_162137.jpg 20170719_162228.jpg
  14. Looks like a fire hazard in there bro clean up your cables lol
  15. Itll be alright. Set up produces little to no heat. Theres only 2 wires, tucking them away neatly wont reduce the threat of a fire lol.
  16. Decreases the risk of you tripping and pulling your lights down on your plants though
  17. Its enclosed, I put a reflective foil barrier after i take the pictures. No cables poking out to trip on. But if you have any input on the questions I asked above that would be cool :)
  18. Yes its too early to tell sex. Plants usually starting putting out 5 finger leaves when they are exiting the seedling stage and nearing entry to veg. Even if there is an inconsistency at this point in their lives which I highly doubt it would be attributed to different pheneotypes. Which it would be almost too early to tell at this point
  19. Oh btw you are going to need more light. Dont even think to try to flower with that
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  20. You won't be able to tell sex until you switch to 12/12. From what I've picked up you can have 4 seeds from the same mother that all grow differently. The only way to get all uniform is through cuttings.
    Also bagseed are much more prone to hermie.
    Also most look like they were needed to be transplanted like last week. When the leaves start to touch the edge really.
    Also I know your thinking you'll be ok but there already freighting for light. You need more powerful expecially to flower.
    He's mine at 21 days under a mh bulb

    Good luck!
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