first time grower....any suggestions welcome

Discussion in 'Marijuana Grow Journals' started by Dankdro, Oct 16, 2003.

  1. well me and my friends just started our plants today...have 20 cups of soil right now with the lights and they are in a closet...oxygen is cirvulated through the closet by a electronic pump....seeds are blueberry and NL #5, will keep you updated once seeds break the dirt
  2. right now we got 20 seeds inside of 20 styrofome cups....with 2 lights above in a closet, surrounded by tin foil and theres an elextric oxygen pump always pumping oxygen into the room
  3. they are hps lights...we keep them on 24 hours right now....for the first 10 days we will do this, then change to 18/6

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