First time grower. Any advice/tips?

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    I'm a first time grower and I'm growing indoors. Just wanted to upload some pics of my plants to see if I can get some feed back from anybody about anything? These plants are almost 2 months old. I keep the light on them 24/7. I haven't used any nutrients so far. If anybody can give me detailed suggestions/tips/help then I would greatly appreciate it. thank you [​IMG]

    NOTE: I'm also new to this forum so I apologize if I posted this in the wrong section.

    From top left - bottom right is A - H


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  2. 2 months?? They actually look perfectly fine to me.... if they were 2 weeks old.

    Could you be watering too often? What lights are you using?
  3. Bad for 2 months. What kind of light? What kind of seeda

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  4. To many girls not enough light. I hope months was a typo.

  5. I forgot to mention that they started from seeds. I only water like once a week. And I'm using CFL
  6. White widow and C-99. Should I use more light? I am using CFLs

    Maybe I need more light? :/
  7. They are very small but Add some lights/reflector a few inches away. Feed them they hungry hope your using 6500 k
  8. Water them daily!!! Plants need h2o! Can't let the roots get to dry. A little dry from time to time is ok. These are 1.5 weeks old[​IMG][​IMG]

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  9. This is terrible advice. Watering every day will wreck your roots in almost every possible set up
  10. No just a little water a day won't hurt. Don't over water though

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  11. How many watts are you using? And how far away are the bulbs?

    You should have at the very least 50w per square foot and the bulbs should be no more than 4" away from the top of the plants

    Your plants do actually look healthy. It's just them being 2 months shows they are not. Lack of light and lack of air to the roots are the two most common causes of slow maturation

  12. I'm using two 54 watt fluorescent tubes. Hanging at about 4 and a half inches above the plants. I think the problem is that I haven't been feeding it any nutrients. I'm still learning about the nutrients and all that so I will start applying some soon. Thank you for your help :)
  13. @Mr.Bodega666

    Yeah I learned that the hard way. I messed up my first plant by over watering it. lol
  14. @LucastheDoofus

    Yeah I am. and I will start adding nutrients as soon as I learn more about them.
  15. After two months? How big are those pots? Did you it check for being root bound

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  16. They definitely aren't underdosed with nutrients. The signs would be very clear if they were. What soil are you using? Most soil's would have plenty of nutrients for plants of that size.

    How many plants are sharing those 54 watts?

    It sounds like you aren't letting the soil dry out enough between waterings, and also you definitely don't have enough light.
  17. Less water. Allow your plant's roots to absorb the moisture in the soil before adding more.

    I understand it's tempting to continue to water, but sometimes less is better.
  18. They are small, but just keep doing what your doing, they look pretty healthy.

    There is a bunch of resources here to access and search depending on your goals. Maybe start a grow journal?


  19. I'm using Fox Farm Happy Frog. Those are the only plants I have and they are all sharing those 54 watt tubes. I probably should water them less.

    Thank you I appreciate it. I will think about starting a journal too.

  20. They might be root bound. I will have to change out the pots soon. 6 of those plants are in 4in x 5in pots. two of them are in 2in x 3in pots.

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