First time grower and poster seeking the right strain.

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  1. Hey everyone!
    As i'm starting to plan my first grow i'm not sure what strain to pick, I am sure that i want a heavy hitting potent indica to help with insomnia, pain relief and just general nighttime relaxation. I'm looking for a frosty and at least decent yielding strain. I also want a strain that is relatively easy to grow, I will probably be doing some topping and super cropping (watched an hour or 2 of tutorials on it) so like i've said it needs to be a strain that can handle that and be happy. any tips are welcome!!
    ps. I'll probably be buying my seeds from the zamnesia site so if the strain is for sale on there it would help (they have seeds from a lot of companies)
    Thanks for the help!
    BubbaBongtoker  :bongin:

  2. Some sorta cheese (skunk #1) or blueberry strain sounds right up your alley
  3. I was looking more in the direction of some kind of kush or og type of plant but some kind of blueberry might be a good idea
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    Try out some kush berry from peakseed! Comes from a purple kush mother and blueberry father

    I ordered some not too long ago and have one just over a week old now. Can't wait till she grows up so i can smoke her

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