First time grower and i think one of my babies is starting to die=( PLEASE HELP..!!!

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    i went to a local collective that sells clones decided to start off with 2 for my first try to see how it goes i was told to start off i should go with a little t5 light and a fan, i have 2 plants one indica one sativa, my indica seemed to be getting sickly with yellowing leaves and the branches were getting reddish i thought it was from over watering and the pot being wayyy to small so i transplanted using superthrive and pureblend pro gro 3-2-4 nurtients, and happy frog soil, its been almost 2 days and i dont really see a difference the bottom 2 leaves actually got worst and got completly yellow so i pruned those, does anyone have any tips to help me??? any advice will help im a complete newbie thanks <3





  2. redish branches is normal ... yellowing leaves is not.

    look up a deficiency chart, and try to match up with it could be. with no picture we cant tell you.
  3. Pictures.

    You have a phone...must have a camera. At the very least let us see the plant even if its only 100x100mp
  4. sorry i couldnt figure out the adding pictures part but i got it now, if you would like more pictures i can add them ASAP =D i have the growing bible to go off of too but im just not 100% sure and im scared to do too much to it i dont want to stress the plant too much =/

  5. They are both a tad stretched, you should Top em if your going to keep them indoors.

    The one on the left looks like you are watering it too much.

    Also, I am not sure if your nutrients that is high in Phosphorus and Potassium should be given to these plants...what they really want is a lot of nitrogen!
  6. top them? as in prunning the tops? they seem so little and weak to me, i have no idea wat week they are in or anything i didnt know to ask until i went to the hydro store and the guy asked me what week they are in and had noooo idea lol, the guy at the hydro store gave me the pureblend pro for vegetative stage, what do you recommend me to add to them? or to do? i did overwater them the first couple days i had them because i had no idea what i was doing until i went and bought the growers bible and i been getting some good ideas from there
  7. Yes it will make it so that every place there is a node a new branch will begin to form, along with two new branches at the top.

    ....You bought clones...and then bought the grow bible? Haha dude it's supposed to be the other way around. Good luck, learn from your mistakes, and pray you make it to harvest.
  8. Yeaa i know i gotta blame my hubby for that he is sooo anxious and couldnt wait he just came home one day with 2 plants and we had no lights no set up nada lol, i had to runn around everywhere trying to figure everything out, i have a t5 light is that good enough???

    Im gonna add some up close pics of the tops of my indica plant maybe you can give me some advice on which parts to cut, im scared to over cut, i dont want to hurt them =(

    and im also adding some pics of my sativa plant so you can critique it thanks sooooooo much for your advice =)
  9. CFL's are much better. Between 5500k-6500k is ideal for veg. Go to local hardware store they cost like 6 bucks a piece.

    Hmmm...Because it is a clone the nodes are different than a plant from seed. I would cut the very top growth off right where your plant Y's. Like cut a centimeter above the split.
  10. Yesterday we went and bought a batwing ballast and are attempting to install it inside of my closet something is wrong with the ballast but once we get it connected we will be putting the plants under a 250w mh light for now then a 250w hps light for flowering, do you think that is good enough for our plants? we plan on getting 3 more if these do good
  11. Yep. Should work much better.
  12. what do you think about the watts? is 250 high enough???
  13. Yes your fine. Relax. 250 is plenty for two plants. Right now you have a t5...anything is better than that
  14. yea do you think that might be why my indica plant is so weak and not growing? i feel like just turning on a heater in the room or something cuz my room is cold and the light isnt warm at all
  15. Ideal temp is high 60's to mid 70's. Heater might make things worse if not watched closely. With that 250w you wont need a heater.

    It weak because the lighting is weak and its stretching to reach the light.

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