First time grower 5th week 12/12 have a few questions.

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    Hi everyone.

    this is my first time growing as the title explains.
    Im 5 weeks into flowering 12/12
    Day 36 today.
    strain is humboldt sour diesel #2
    its an organic soil grow.

    soil is:
    foxfarm ocean floor 40%
    worm castings 20%
    compost 20%
    perlite 20%
    cup and 1/2 down to earth rose & flower.

    using R/O water with liquid seaweed 10ml/g and 2tsp of molasses/g ever other day for both plants.
    about 1.9l per plant

    other nutes include :

    Urb 10ml/g every week included in regular watering
    Dr.Earth Flower girl concentrate every 3-4 days about 2 tbsp/g
    Budswell bat guano about 2tbsp per plant bed every week.

    I always ph my water to about 6.7-7

    Night time temp 72
    Daytime temp 82

    Im noticing many of the lower fan leaves starting to turn yellow and die about 10 days ago.

    Initially I thought it was a nitrogen- so I started to add some nitrogen in regular feeds.

    I started to get minor nute burn and its still occurring so I am not sure how to remedy the problem.

    Quite a few of the fan leaves are starting to die so I am becoming more and more concerned.

    would like to make it to the end of the flower if possible.

    I need some help.


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  2. You are halfway through the flowering, and although the yellowing is a bit more than expected, it is normal.
    The plant is now in "OH GOD It's fall and I gotta make flowers" mode, so it is not taking up nitrogen to the extent it did when it was making leaves and branches. It is making room for potassium uptake so it can pound out flowers.
    It is rare for a plant to finish and still be nice and green at the bottom.
    If you try to pound it with nitrogen, you will interrupt the flowering cycle.

    Keep an eye on the new growth. If it is affected, then we will need to take action.
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