First time grower 2 general hydro w promix hp 2 Gaia green w power bloom

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  1. i am a first time grower with Arthritis of the immune system and in my spine. I have a 60 degree hunch in my back so I need relief my mother in law bought me a stealth box that comes with the carbon filter timer hlg quantum board 100 3000k light. So far my organic plants have grown faster and healthier the front 2 are 2 weeks old the back 2 are the same strains as the ones in front of them and they are 32 days old. I can use a lot of help and advice. I actually worked on a big farm and did everything accept topping and I did feed entire rooms when my boss was busy we ran 6 plants per 1000 w hps in flower 12 light per room 2 houses with 5 rooms each. I worked there a year cloning transplanting defoliation etc. He told us how to do everything but now why so I think I’m still a beginner I wanted to make some friends on here and learn some things. Thank you any help would be great.

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  2. One plant …. that's all your grow in there .
    If you grow hydroponics you get accelerated growth .
  3. I’m quickly realizing I wish I had more space but my mother in law works for a prominent seed company and she had a friend who she could get these boxes from for a good deal. I love the quantum light but not the height of the box lol but as I am disabled I don’t have a ton of money so I gotta work with what I got for now unfortunately. And I like dirt hydro is just not my thing. Much respect though brother.
  4. From my limited experience, you appear to have enough space to grow one plant.
  5. Ok, maximize a tiny space...
    The only real way to do this is to grow multiple plants as "budsickles"...
    To do this, you begin the flowering cycle immediately after your clones have rooted and have become stable.
    You need to start with small clones. I had the best success with clones under 4 inches long.
    They stretch up, but don't branch much. You should be able to get 16 or so nice budsickles in that space.
    If you find the stretch is too much, you will need to add light for the first two weeks. A couple of big CFL's (46W) added should reduce the stretch enough to keep the plants in the box.

    It is a bit of an art, but if you can pull it off, you end up with a mass of buds the size of your space and about a foot thick.
    Research "Sea of Green"
  6. I actually also purchased a led light nothing great and tomorrow I am gonna purchase a tent then in a couple weeks I was gonna buy a carbon filter And fan for the tent and keep the grow box for like a veg box. Can u guys plz tell me how my plants are doing, back left is Cb diesel organic Gaia green living soil back right is gelato 33 grown with promix hp and gh micro grow bloom Cali magic. Front left is Cb diesel also gh micro grow bloom and front right is gelato organic. So far the organic ones seem stronger I would like to more about both ways with growing so I can have great taste and great yield but I have trouble with knowing what to give them at what stages especially with the I to grow bloom. I bought some kelp powder blackstrap unsulphured molasses unpasteurized whole honey aloe leaf juice diatomaceous earth and organic pop corn seeds and also have Gaia green power bloom. I would love to no more and would appreciate it the general hydro are like 20 days older than the organic and way smaller mind you for half of the general hydro ones life they were under shit light and the organic has always been under the hlg quantum board 100w . Thank you

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