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  1. Let me start by saying I know I probably won't get crazy results out of all of these plants but I am perfectly fine with that. Knowing myself, I knew that taking on a lot for the first time was the best way for me to learn. Also this will give me the chance to try a lot of different strains I've been waiting forever for, so I'm stoked on that. 
    Also, all pictures will be coming tomorrow morning!
    I started with 2 WW seeds, both which sprouted around 5/11, and 1 surviving AK 48 sprout. Both of these were from Nirvana. The WWs (Nancy #1 and Nahtalie #2) are looking great as far as I can tell. Soffee, the AK has needed some work though. She is still EXTREMELY small. Her first leaves were in terrible shape and I was forced to clip them. 
    All of the rest of the seeds were from Attitude Seedbank who all sprouted around 5/13 and they are: 
    Christine-Granddaddy Purple Phantom Cookie
    Marcy-Female Seeds Purple Maroc (who will be going outside)
    Luna-Female Seeds Lemon Kush
    Brenda-HSO Blue Dream
    Olivia-G13 OG13
    Hazel-G13 Purple Haze
    Sarah-Delicious Critical Sensi Star
    Claire-Dinafem Critical 2 auto
    Jackee-Dinafem Critical Jack auto
    Norah-Green House Seeds Northern Lights Auto
    Nola-World of Seeds Northern Lights/Big Bud Auto
    Berta-Dutch Passion Auto Blueberry
    Dana-DNA LA Chocolat
    Khloe-World of Seeds Afghan Kush
    The last 2 are going into germ tonight. The rest are all in seedling/veg phase and are getting ready to be switched to 24h of light. They are in a 2x6x8 closet and right now all 15 are only under a 6500k 125w fluorescent and a 2700k 200w fluorescent. I plan to get a few more cfls as well. I want to keep this room dedicated to the 5 auto after the rest go to flower. The rest I plan to put in a 4/4 tent. What I was thinking is having the tent for light and having a dark room built. That way I could get a 600w hps and keep it going 24 hrs while rotating 2 sets of flowering plants. What is everyones thoughts on this? I don't have enough money to get 2 big hps right now so I thought this would be the best alternative. That way I'd have 3 different grows going (technically) and could do 5 plants with each grow. 
    I will add more pictures and much more info in the morning when I get off work but I have to rush off for now. Thank you ahead of time to anyone willing to help out!

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  2. Lol you named your plants. I'm in on this one... A whole lot of love there
  3. Thank you! I am definitely in love with them. Should have some pictures and updates in the next few hours.
  4. subbed, good luck with this bro. no matter how good/bad you do this will all turn to knowledge for future grows. i currently have a
    GDP phantom cookie seedling too (check under your first set of true leaves for purple btw :D )
    and the Northern lights X Big Bud.
    havent popped my Delicious CSS but have Delicous Cotton candy (so stoked) and a critical #47 (one parent being the AK :D )
  5. Hello and thanks for the support! I'm very excited for the journey.
    The last few days have been hectic to say the least, and I wasn't able to update through mobile but I will be putting pictures up within the next hour finally!
    One downfall is that somehow the cats got in to a few of them. Two were bent over at the stem and two have small leaves bitten through which is very upsetting but it doesn't seem to be hurting most of them too bad. 
    I was very confused about the nutrient schedule, my nutrients say that you can give them to seedlings but I kept reading everywhere that you shouldn't give a plant nutrients for the first 3 weeks of its life at least, and for 2 weeks after a transplant. My babies are going on day 13-16 respectively and I just started most of them on nutrients yesterday. Do you think this could hurt them? 
  6. I got beautiful pictures of everyone but for some reason I can't figure out how to get them up here. I used a site to resize them all and after I finished it told me none saved :/
  7. No need to resize, just attach!
  8. Finally got everything figured out! I will start with the grow area. I have 2 fans going, but it's hot in my region. Temps usually sit at 80-84F daytime with a humidity of 45-50 and 73F nighttime temps with a humidity of 50-55. The night time humidity seems to be a constant 55 as of now, will I have to do something if it starts approaching 60? I've been at 18/6 light so far, but I want to take it up to 24/0 for a few weeks. Would I be able to take it up one hour of light per night til 24 or would that cause too much stress? 
    I had 15 plants vegging under 125w of florescent for the first week which explains why everyone is still so small. Last week I added another 200w florescent. Next week I will be adding 500w MH for veg. 
    Now for the girls. 
    Meet Nancy and Nahtalie. They are both Nirvana White Widow about day 16. They are 2 days ahead of all of my other plants and they are the most luscious ones by far. 
    This is Soffee. She is an AK 48 from Nirvana and was germinated and sprouted at the same time as the White Widow, but she is extremely weak. Do you think it's time to let her go? I've seen no new growth in days but I haven't been able to pull myself to it. 
    And here is everyone else:
    Brenda the Blue Dream and Olivia the OG Kush had damaged stems from a cat attack. They have been healing well, but took harshly to the nutes I fed them, even at quarter strength, and I believe the stems are why. So I will go 1/8 strength and work my way up. 
    And my autoflowers Norah the NLxBB, Nola straight NL, Jackee Critical Jack Herer, Claire Critical 2, and Berta the Blueberry.
    As you can see Berta has also fallen pray to the ATTACK OF THE CATS. They are jerks.
    Marcy the Purple Maroc who will be transplanted outside
    Luna the Lemon Kush
    This is Chris the Phantom Cookie. He/she is the only non fem seed. If he is a male I definitely plan to use him to pollinate a few branches of White Widow. It will be Phantom Widow lol. 
    Pretty much everyone up until now except for the Nirvana seeds had started around 5/13 putting them at 13 days when these were taken. 
    These 2 sprouted about 3 days later and for some reason have shown extremely slow signs of growth right from the beginning.
    Hazel the Purple Haze
    Sarah the Critical Sensi Star
    Thank you guys for taking the time to read this and now that I'm getting the hang of the forum I will definitely be updating more often!
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  9. Looking really good man. This is always the boring part of the grow. Give it a week and you'll start to see some real progress.
  11. Here is a snapshot update, I will have off all weekend and will be sending a lot more through the feed. I have a couple pictures I just posted in the sick plants column if anyone would have a minute to check them out. Some of the babies have some things that have been bothering me, but then again I assume that is normal for a first grow.
    Anyhow, here is Nahtalie with the some LST bending I've been applying.
  12. I topped Olivia and Nahtalie today. Here is a pic of Nahtalie.
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  13. Sorry for the lack of updates, I have been in the progress of a move and starting a new position at my job. 
    Now for grow talk. The average is about 3 weeks for everyone, I'm just now switching to 24/0 and I plan to run this continually until the autos are done if I can keep my temperature down. If not I will switch to 20/4. I have 3 fans running but it's still at 84F just like it is with just one fan running. I've put many of the ladies under some bending and Nahtalie and Olivia were topped 2 days ago. They are starting to heal up and are looking good. I'm planning to keep everyone in the room together under about 750w of real florescent. It would be a 400w (I'm still reading in on the brand but if I don't like it I may DIY something similar) that will be across everyone. I will then do a 125w (6500k) on the side of the closet for the veggers and a 200w (2700k) as side lighting for the autos that will be in flowering time. I will run this setup until week 8 when all of the veggers have switched to flower which will allow the 5 autos to have 625w to themselves, the 2 mothers (Luna and Nancy who are by far looking the prettiest in form) will have 125w (with added cfl if need be). I thought if I did this, by the time I started pulling some clones my autos would be done and I'd also have the 200w for that space. 
    Then the fun part. I will switch the veggers, or photos that I plan to flower into the 4x4 tent. This tent should consist of:
    Now if you're still reading, I really need advice on this. Should I get a dimable 1000w HPS for this room that I could run at 500 or should I get a 600w? I plan to expand eventually, possibly to a 6x6 and I thought the 1000 would work pretty well in there. 
    This is where we're at, more pictures will be up in a few days when they have progressed enough. 
    I decided to check out your grown.  I am thinking about playing around with a 1000 watt light eventually myself.  I know that people use them for a 4 x 4 area and I have heard of people stretching that area to 5 x 5 with one of those lights.  Even in a 5 x 5, I think a 1000 watt light would be weak.  They say to use 50 watts per square foot.  A 1000 watt light in a 6 by 6 area would be 27.77 watts per square foot.  That would be weak and would probably produce fluffy or airy buds.  I think for that kind of area, I would go for four 600 watt lights.  I know it would be a lot, but if you can keep that area cool, it would produce some very dense nugs.  That would actually put you in the area of 10,000 lumens per square foot which is actually close to that of the sun.  If you could fit an 80 x 80" tent where your current tent is, then that would produce even more.  Thats just an idea though.
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    I know it's been forever and I haven't given you guys much of anything, but just so you know flowering will finally begin within the next week so I will start trying to keep up with this a little bitter. If things go according to plan I will have a little more time. I'm about to harvest the 5 autos in the room and the remaining 8 plants will all be flowered between 2 different tents, one being a 4x4 with 1200w HPS and the other being a 2x4 under T5 48. And yes I said T5 for flower. Both will be under scrog and I believe with direct penetration both will provide very strong results and I'm interested to compare them. 
    I'm just seeing this, but anything around the 10000 lum count works for me! I really don't judge by wattage at all, I've noticed a trend that the majority of grows I've seen that hit 1gpw is based off having a higher lumen count and/or better penetration, of course. With me being in the 4x4 I decided to go with 2 600s they will total out to 180000 but I will lose a little with double coverage so it comes out a little over 10000/sq ft. 
  17. I'm interested to see the flowering results with the T-5's 

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