First time grower, 1 out of 3 plants stunted growth and shriveled leaves.

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  1. First time grower here.
    Growing indoors under a 400w Hps, all germinated from seed at the same time, first one to pop through the surface is the small one in question.
    Temperature is between 21-26c during lights on and 15-18 lights off, i did have a heatpad in there during lights off but i don't think it was doing much.
    Watering when the top inch of soil gets dry now, i may have over watered at first maybe? but the other two are fine so i don't think its that..
    They've been out of the ground around 8-9 days.
    The small one in question got the husk stuck on it but was the first to come up, i removed it with a pin it come off pretty easy, but as you can see its so far behind now when i was the first to pop/sprout.

    1. Whats wrong with the small plant?
    2. Is there anything wrong with the other two plants, and are they normal size.
    3. Should i keep the brewery heat pad under them when lights are out, it may get down to 15c or so.. but it stays around 18 with it on.. only really near the bottom of the plants tho.
    Thanks for any info.
  2. too cold get daytime room temps in 70's F and nightime mid 60's F. ph of your water? how far away is light? RH?
  3. What it's the Ph of the water you are using? How faintly are you feeding?
  4. Frequently, not faintly.
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    Ph of water is around 6.0 - 6.4.
    Watering when the top inch of soil is dry..which is every 2 days or there about's. I may have over watered in the first few days as i was babying them so much.

    The room temps are exactly that.. 21-26 degrees c which is 70s's F. and doesn't drop below 15degrees c (60F) during lights off.
    Ph of water is around 6.0 - 6.4.
    Light is about 40-50Cm away.
    I assume RH is Humidity? Its 35 -60% depends on the day.

    Do the two big plants look healthy or is there something wrong/size with them also?
  6. Edit: I also wouldn't mind knowing why one plant has gone like that and the others have not..? \t\t\t\t\t\t

  7. Probably is the geneteic.I growed same strains from same breeders and they looked different,it also appley for the amount water nutes they need and the resistence also.
  8. soil ph wanna have 6.5-7
  9. I just went and bought some proper PH tester stuff and my water that i've been feeding them has been 7.0+ where as my other test strips said 6.5ish..
    I'll feed them tonight and see what the PH levels are from the run off water.
    Would that be causing the problems?
  10. definitely could be the cause. fix ph and give it a few days to recover

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