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  1. so this is my first time growing considering i got my mmj card about 7 months ago and i have one permafrost clone that is does anyone know if using 2 42 watt cfl's and 1 23 watt cfl is enough light?..can someone reply fast
  2. Wrong section. But the answer is that cfl's of those wattages are the equivalent of higher watted incandescents. If you could post the lumen output of the bulbs, that would help alot. Also describe if they are 6500k or 2700k. 6500k is better of vegging, and 2700k for flowering.
  3. one 42 watt cfl puts out 2700 lumens(64 lumens per watt) and im using 2 of those and im sorry but i meant to say a 26 watt cfl that gives off 1700 lumens...i also have my clone in small wardrobe and im giving it big bud nutrients does that help?..
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    Yeah you should be just fine. To further help, I would suggest visiting the marijuana cultivations section of the forum. To further help, I am going to ask a moderator to move the topic to a cultivation based forum so that others wiser than myself can help.

    One more thing is that this may help


    If you have any other questions, I will be happy to help.
  5. thank you i appreciate it...and by the way when or how do i know when to flush it?...
  6. Well if you wont have to worry about that for some time. Most of the time, it is done a week or two before you plan to flower. The purpose of flushing is to make the smoke less harsh.
  7. Contacted some mods to get this moved to a more appropriate section. They aren't on at this time, but expect it to be moved soon

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