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    Hey so i had these 3 seeds and i germinated them. after they cracked open i proceeded to place them in 3 party cups with holes in the bottom filled with potting soil. i'm on day 5, 1 sprout died, 1 tall and 1 is an idiot that is bent over and won't turn its seed leaves up towards the light...

    I'm working with 2 100w equivalent daylight 6500k bulbs on a splitter socket but have more if needed. A desk fan and a limited grow cupboard about 2 feet wide and 3 feet tall.

    I'm going to top and train these plants but right now i'm troubled because my main plant that isn't an idiot has a tall stem and hasn't produced any growth in the little baby leaves in the past 24 hours.. mind you this is my first grow but i don't get it. is this normal? i have the lights bulbs 2" away from each plant.

    But why is it tall and isn't making these little jagged leave go outward and get bigger?

    All feedback as to what might be the problem and how i'm doing is highly appreciated.

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  2. Pictures are a good place to start man.
  3. what soil are you using?:confused: And party cups are fine thats what im using:wave:
  4. and what are your 6500k wat bulbs? CFL??
  5. ok whats the temp? humidity?
  6. and try to get you CFL's closer to your plant 2'' from if possible
  7. yes i said they were 2" from the plant. its like room temperature
  8. 75-80 degrees is good and have a fan blow on them. and give it time they should spread out soon your plant looks fine
  9. okay so its 12 hours after i posted this thread and there has been absolutely no growth at all. had 3 CFLs 100w eq on them 1 2700k and 2 6500k, a desk fan yet nothing. in fact the idiot plant hasn't moved up but looks like he is dying. what the hell. am i not watering enough???
  10. :eek: man dude do the one inch rule stick you finger down in the soil to your first knuckle and see if the soil is moist or not. if its moist dont water it ina a day or two
  11. Well from the first picture that soil looks so dry! Also the stem looks red which (correct me someone if I'm wrong) a sign that it's lacking water. My sprout had a nice bright green stem.
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    .. just go to your soil stick you finger in it to your first knuck dude thatll tell you if it is or not moist. you want it to be moist not wet.
  13. hey guys iim vry new to growing and need help
    i have northern light seeds and are gonna grow them in my closet
    but i need ti know what kind of soil do i need and i already plan on using a 400 watt hps light
    im stuck on what soil to get and water to use
    help please
  14. dude if you can get Fox Farm Ocean Forest soil its the best. you really dont want to buy soil and mix it and stuff usually doesnt work out all that great. and your light is good
  15. yo i put the sprout in my picture in a larger clay pot with good fresh potting soil.. i'm an idiot and used my moms old nasty soil i found in the shed. i hope its not to late, but it might be for the idiot one it doesn't look good for him.
  16. idk... theres no telling where that soil has been.. lol. i hope it pulls through for you
  17. the idiot bent over plant looks dead. tomorrow if its not any better i'm gonna ditch him. he hasn't grown at all or moved for days he's wasting a cfl

  18. :eek::yay: laughed so hard ^^ when you said that. And id just ditch him now if he wasnt doing anything
  19. so i can use it from begging to end ?

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