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  1. i am planning on growing a seed i found in a bag of weed. i have started to germinate the seed with the paper towel cover with a bowl method. i am wondering what kind of soil u reccomened and what size of container ill need for one plant and how much it'll cost. i was also wondering if a 60w light bulb will last question is whats the approx amount of weed u get from 1 plant. thanks very much
  2. most people recommend fox farm soil. there are plenty of topics here about it. generally soil designed for tomatoes work great. you dont want soil with a bunch of chips or other organic matter in it. also mix in some pearlite if it doesnt already have some.

    60w of light will barely get the job done. you generall want 100 true watts per plant. that means if you have a CFL bulb that says 26w [100w equivalent] you only have 26w, not 100w.

    there is no way to know the amount of bud you will get from bagseed.
  3. thank you very much man ill will try and buy one. so any soil meant for tomatoes is good?
  4. if you buy cfls, make sure you buy daylight bulbs... do not buy soft or cool white bulbs. When a plant is starting out you want bulbs that are between 5000k and 6500k temp (daylight - higher number is better)

    later when the plant goes to flower you want to use the soft white or around 2700k

    lots of places have 23w 4 or 5 packs for under $15 target / depot / walmart
  5. so 23w daylight cfl will work?
  6. no, you need around 100w actual. 4 of those 23w daylights will work
  7. 23w daylight will work, but not one of them... get a 4 or 5 pack
  8. would two 42w work?
  9. that would work for a while... just remember as it get bigger you will need to add more light
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    This started out under 2 42w, then 4, now 6


  11. so right now i have the seed germenating under a bowl on a damp piece of paper so should i leave it hear till it grows a sprout rite? checking daily?
  12. you can do that.

    I dont use the paper towel method. I soak the seed in a glass of room temp water for about 24 hours, then give it a stir. If it doesnt sink yet give it another 12hrs and stir again. If it doesnt sink I toss it.

    Seeds that sink I place in soil thats been watered the day before and in about 3 to 5 days there popin out. I've never had a seed that didnt sink not sprout.
  13. alright i guess ill c what happens with the paper towel method
  14. I am not a lover of paper towels. The root can grow fine hairs into the towel which get ripped off. Plant your seeds directly into soil - you are going to put them there anyway. Keep the soil warm and moist.
  15. I know we have our differences, but when you are right; you are right. Not a big fan either b/c I always found it started off slow once sprouted and never seemed to grow strong and robust. I now see why, if the fine hairs which are the beginning of the root system stick to the towel and are torn when removed, it would explain why they never seem to grow a strong rooting system and seem feeble and weak.

    As for soil, as long as the soil is not heavy and hot, most will work. I have found that Fox Farm Ocean Forest or Happy Frog both work very well. Do some reading and get some input to see what works best for you and your situation.

  16. If we all thought the same, life would be a little boring. Glad to have your agreement on this point !!! +rep to you

  17. "You must spread some more rep around before giving it to cantharis again." You know the routine. I only give out rep to those that deserve it, unfortantely you get most of my rep so it does not allow me to give you rep everytime you deserve it.

    Life would be boring, and I think we have mutual respect for each other. Some people just take our posts, and/or take sides rather than try to understnad our difference of opinion and knowledge.

  18. so shoul di leave it on teh paper towel or try and grow it in the soil now?
  19. Has it sprouted yet? If not, I would place it about 1/2 inch into a 4-6 inch pot w/ a nice light soil mix that is evenly moist.


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