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  1. Hey there grass city. Thank all of you for your interesting forums. Any tips or comments appreciated, first time budget grow. Almost 2 months since germ. 6 plants. Bag seed, green crack strain. 150watt led, CFL 28 watt, 60 watt grow "Burplec bulb. 2 Led 2700k bulbs. Using Hawaiin magic 9-18-9 every other feeding. Please info on a good walmart or Menards nutes for flowering. I need to taper off nitrogen soon. Along with eggshell teas for calcium. I was using my fishtank water for nitrogen up until this stretch on the outside two plants. And a teaspoon of epsom salt for magnesium. A Filter Fan comin in. Dual Nig-Rigged dehumidifier fans going out. Force flowered 3 of them. 2 are female..positive. Thank you guys tons. My other 3 plants are scrogged out in a subwoofer car box. Window experiment. 20190730_230730.jpg 20190730_230815.jpg 20190730_230753.jpg 20190730_230804.jpg 20190730_225319.jpg 20190730_225255.jpg

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  2. Looks real nice
    Get beastie bloomz
    Always good
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  3. Epsom salt for magnesium is not good for your plant, it causes a build up of chloride at the roots. A great choice is molasses. 1 TBS per gallon of water. Loaded with calcium and magnesium. The sugar is helps the good microbes in your soil. Also adds some taste to your buds.
  4. Someone did tell me to flush with molasses at the end. And i will stop using epson if its bad

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