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    20180611_202617.jpg 20180611_202624.jpg 20180613_071012.jpg Recently started growing as its been something ive always wanted to try and was just wondering how my plants look and any useful tips anybody has. The seeds are just from a bag i bought so im not sure what they are. The 3 larger plants are about 2 weeks and the smaller ones are around a week old. One is kinda goofy looking and the leaves are funny shaped. Any feedback would be appreciated thanks!
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  2. Don't use clear cups - either tape them or place them in another cup that's not clear to prevent light from reaching the roots. Put more soil in the cups - fill to the top of the cups to bury those stretched stems. Whatever light you're using, it's too far away - it's causing stretching. I suggest you do some research. Good luck and welcome to GC. :)
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  3. Awesome thanks for the info ill tape the cups up later and i just recently put the lights about 5 inches from the plant i read a bunch of different stuff about how far to keep the lights so im not sure what distance is the best
  4. I was also wondering if it would be bad to leave the plants in the clear cups for like i week more before i transplant them. I wanted them to be a little sronger before i move them so i dont kill them or anything
  5. At least try to tape the cups so lights doesnt reach it i'll be watching your grow so please update every week. I can also learn from you. Im also doing my first grow.

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  6. 20180615_065652.jpg 20180615_065638.jpg 20180615_065655.jpg just some recent pics

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