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  1. Hey everyone, I'm planning on growing my first plants in the shed in my backyard. I plan on using a grow space that has its own covers, lights and fan but is there any other tools/equipment you guys would suggest. I'm not too sure what kind of strain it is but I believe a diesel. Really excited for this grow. Also, it's meant to be hidden away because we have a pool guy that comes to the shed every Friday to check the pump so any ideas on the small also??
  2. Inline fan with carbon filter
    pH meter
    tds meter
    Hygrometer and thermometer
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  3. Thanks so much! It's just one plant for starters
  4. In my opinion just tent and any fan is this for starters, you would end up buying a hygro/thermo meter anyway it's 9$, Ph is kinda important. I bought the liquid test kit for PH and kinda regret that.

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  5. In a shed? Make sure you have heat and a/c to help regulate temps. Insulate the shed if possible to aid in temp control.
  6. here is my sour d clone in her 5th week of flower. been using organic worm casting soil with organic grow plant food along with some wood ashes, urine, egg shells in my soil also now i just pinched my buds about 5 days ago and today started my coconut water...does anyone have experience with doin the coconut water, i read up on it and it saif 40 to 60 ML per gallon so i started her on it today also should i use the molassass as well with the coco water?

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    Also, make sure you can control the temp in that shed. If its summer months where you live you may not have good luck as it will get way to hot without some kind of exhaust and intake setup.
  8. i leave on my 12" desk fan along with the ceiling fan on medium during the day and ceiling fan on high and 12" fan on high in the day with door halfway open no light whatsoever...

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