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  1. Hello guys i am planning to start up a grow but i need some help here. Can any experince grower help me out bere.i an starting my grow with 2 600watts hps and will use a 6"extraction fan along with it.
    Option 2:
    I will be disposing the hot air out my window but from readind a couple thread im a bit confused if police will thibk something suspicious is goibf on if they hot air being ventes out the window.
    Is 1200watts of hps going to really let of alot of heat that the police will think suspicous of it(im planning to leave ghe light on dufing the day as there are less helicopter during these time and it would be harder for police to see the heat.

    Option 2 :
    Lastly would it be better if a put a grow tent(which size is suitable for 1200watts) in room and vent out the hot air around the house so that way i will not need to on the heating and also i will open the window and doors every two day to let the heat out

    Need some real answers and help here which optin is better??
  2. i vent my air in to my apartment because i'm not allowed to put anything in the windows. The smell does build over time. If the window exhausting isn't like on the street or something you shouldn't have to worry as long as you have carbon filtration. I can't smell anything coming out of the carbon filters it has to build for a long time to be noticeable.
  3. How many watts do you have?
    Does it feel hot inside?
  4. i'm using 2 600 watt hid's even with one it heats up the house a but expecially the back half, i leave windows open in the other rooms to vent heat out as i can. Really wish i could put a ac vent in the window, that's all it would take but i guess then the windows won't all look the same in my building. . . i hate stupid policies.
  5. Cut a hole in the ceiling .....
    Fuck it :ey:
  6. Same here bro i hate them
    Do you think if i run 2 600watts and leave the windows abit open the heat will go
  7. Haha bro i wish it was that easy but the police are the main problem
  8. If i vent the beat out the window would it be suspiious
  9. Has anyone ever used les grow light?
    If yes share your experience with it
  10. Would it be better if i have 2 grow tent each in seperate room and use 1 600watts in each tent and vent the air outside so there would be 2 windows whcih hot air vill be vented out. Or is this a worsrr decison
    Or use one tent to vent the air out and uss one tent to vent air to the house and keep a coup fans to keep the house cool
  11. The thing with the exhaust is you can't really smell anything unless it's building up so if you vent it outside it just blows away and no one is the wiser inless you have a shitty carbon filter. it's completely dependent on the outside air temp if that will cool it or not, breeze helps too. i live on the coast so that's never a problem for me. i have both in the same room, they ventinto another room and i open the window in that room and it works fine for me just that one room gets warm. Smell is an issue when venting into another room over time though just to warn there.

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