First time grow, wondering if I'm doing this right!

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by codebreaker1003, Nov 21, 2011.

  1. Hey gc, i started a few threads a few months ago about growing in an attic but i never got the money to do that. Recently it came to my attention that i could very easily grow in my friends house. 99% of the time we smoke it is in the his room. There is a small "closet" about 8ft deep with an angled ceiling going from 5ft at the beginning of the closet to only 1 ft at the end and its about 20" wide.

    I already had the "emilys home garden" from amazon and a single 2ft t5 light. i brought both of those into there and added another lamp. The other lamp is a normal lamp for a room and i have 5 small cfl's in it(13w i think). I rigged everything and its all set up.
    I ordered 3 different seeds. I ordered snowryder, onyx, and speed devil because they're all auto-fem dwarfs and won't grow too tall for this setup.
    Here's the questions

    Im wondering if a single 2ft t5 and the 5cfl's are enough to get an ok yield (were striving for ~14g a plant) or would it be worth it to due away with the current lights and get cheap 125w cfl fixture. (such as this one found on amazon for $67 [ame][/ame] ) ?
    What do you guys think of the seeds i chose?
    What yield i should expect from the current set up vs a 125watt cfl?
    Ill put up pictures tomorrow of the set up.
    Thanks in advance !

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