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First time grow - White Widow

Discussion in 'Indoor Grow Journals' started by MaryJayBlaze, Jan 1, 2018.

  1. I am a first time grower, I wanted to make a journal about my grow and I wanted to include what I'm doing and the prices and everything for people looking to grow to give an idea of my set up and how much it costs. I would call my set up a lower budget set up but not the cheapest you can go.
    I started off with an office cabinet (72"×36"x18") you can find at office depot. I got it on sale for $169.59 tax and all, they delivered it late and I got $30 or $40 back for that (lol).
    For the intake I cut a hole in the top of it (using jigsaw but started with a drill hole) and put a 4" outer diameter cuppling for a dryer with a flange around it and it's connected to a 4" to 6" expander thing for an air duct where the fan is connected. I have a diffrent fan I will be connecting and it will work better with a hepa filter but this is what is set up right now. 20171228_195641.jpg 20171228_195647.jpg
    On the bottom corner opposite the side of the intake hole i cut out a place for a vent. The vent has a carbon filter and there is a poptart box on the inside to help with the light leakage coming from the vent. 20171228_195627.jpg 20171231_190910.jpg
    I put about $30 into the hardware (lowes) and I already had the small desk fan, it was probably about $6. The carbon filter I bought was in a 4 pack for $13, I needed 2 of this kind for an air purifier any way so i bought a 4 pack but you can get it cheaper than this.
    Originally I used the hooks with an eye the light came with to hang the ropes but I changed it to threaded eye bolts because that gives me about "3 more in height. (It was less than $5.) 20171231_190223.jpg
    I didn't get a before pic of the hooks the light came with.
    For my light I bought a viparspectra 450w equivalent (210w actual) (you can dim the red, white, and blue seperetly) for $189. The light came with the rope hangers shown and the hook and eye I replaced. 20171228_195653.jpg 20171231_190626.jpg
    To help light and vapor seal the cabinet I lined the door with a 1/8" thick felt rope, you can get 25ft for $10. 20171231_190335.jpg
    This is my outlet setup on the inside with my timer. You can see my other little desk fan I'm using to cause a breeze to exercise the plants. 20171231_190310.jpg
    This is the soil I got from Lowe's at about $10 a bag. 20171228_195750.jpg I can't give an accurate review because i haven't grown anything in it yet.
    I am growing 3 plants so i have 3 buckets I drilled 4 holes about "1 each in the 5 gallon Lowe's buckets (about $3 each) and lined the bottom of the buckets with newspaper and then put about 3" of perlite on top of the newspaper. You can see the bucket with one of the holes i drilled in view sitting in the drain trays. 20171231_190535.jpg
    This is a complete view of my set up. 20171228_195707.jpg

    I bought my seeds from they had a buy 10 get 10 free deal on the white widow feminized and i paid $89 with free shipping for the 10 and got 20. I ordered around 2/8 but something happened with the shipping so around 3/12 they resent it for free I can't remember when I actually got them but I did get them and the email they sent had said I would get them in 9 to 21 days. I give them a pretty good review as a company since they offer free shipping and they will replace the seeds free of you don't get them for any reason. I will let you know about the quality later.

    I ordered this for my nutrients but haven't used them yet. ($37.51) 20171228_195721.jpg

    You can find the issues I had in the beginning here lol
    First time grower not having any luck, please help lol

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  2. I started germinating 3 white widows on 12/25, they cracked on 12/29 and I placed them directly in the soil. They haven't opened their embryotic leaves yet but all 3 are getting taller and are opening.
    I have my light set at 80%w, 80%b, and 30%r at 26".
    Temp is 78F and humidity 40%.
    Currently I am planning to flower when they reach about 1'-1.5'.
  3. Very interested to see how this grow goes. Looking to upgrade my grow box in the future, and this looks promising.

    "The Sun of Winter"
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  4. Cool setup, I would definitely ditch that soil and that perlite. Miracle grow perlite has miracke grow nutrients in it. Gonna the sht outta your plants with that nasty poison. And the soil is very woody and clumpy.

    Homedepot sells giant bags of perlite for like 10 dollars.
    For the soil I would use Fox Farm Ocean Forest

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  5. Thank you very much :)
    I' also thinking about buying a UV-B bulb for flowering because studies show this increases the THC production.
    This company sells a super expensive light with the UVB but I think I can just buy the bulb from them for $18 and just buy a separate housing for it. Screenshot_20171217-121611.png
    I haven't decided if I want to do it now or for my next grow so I can compare w/ vs w/o uvb.
  6. Is there anything I can do at this point though since it's already in the soil??
  7. Depends. Arw the seedlings in cups or their final pots?

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  8. They are in the pots, but I could probably dig around and pull them up because the root system hasn't really started yet or will that be too much fiddling for them?
  9. Don't do that lol. Oh well. Something to remember for next time.

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  10. I usually start em in solo cups so they can get a root ball going and so it's easier to water them.

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  11. I figured i shouldn't do that but just checking lol
    I'm making a list of everything I need to change next time hahaha i am not getting too down on myself though I'm sure no one's first grow is 100% perfect and this is more for fun than anything and that's what is important :)
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  12. Just watch out for root burn.

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  13. My first grow was garbage XD

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  14. Hey there stranger, nice set up. I'll be subbing in. So I have a question, have you ever considered going no-till? I agree that you don't want the miricale grow perlite, but if they haven't been transplanted you've got time to fix your final pots. Do you have the MG perlite in it?

    Edit : Never mind I see the answer to my question.
  15. So the reason I ask about no-till is because if you decided to do that you could hand build your own soil. Using ingredients you know are good to use, and ultimately having complete control of what goes into your product. You don't have to play the guessing game. Plus it's reusable... How do you beat that? I mean seriously you just plant in it and watch whatever is in the pot thrive. Its kind of maddening. You'd think you'd have to be doing so much like adding "monster root juice","grow huge", "plant sex sauce", or some other random kind of god knows what shit. Just a thought though. Just curious on what your thoughts on no-till are. Best of luck, as always.

    J Evergreen
  16. Hello there :)
    I put the perlite in the bottom, maybe it won't burn the roots, do you think the roots will make it all the way to the bottom?
    I have been thinking about doing live soil but if I remember correctly you have to let it sit for like 60 days or something, I think I will do that for my next grow I was just excited to get my first grow going so I didn't plan ahead for a few things :/
    What do you mean by no till or is that the same as live soil?
  17. What are signs to look for with root burn? Will it show in the leaves or do you have to monitor the roots? And if they do get it is there anything I can do about it?
    As long as I get some useable flower, hopefully enough to get me through my next grow, I'll be happy hahaha.
  18. Well yes it's the same as live soil. You do and you don't have to wait, I've mixed up soil and planted in it a few days later with fine results. Depends I guess on how strong certain amendments are that you add. I didn't add alfalfa to my soil but I do use alfalfa straw from time to time. I do understand though, haha I was excited my first run too. I didn't even use compost to top dress of straw but my plant stayed super healthy so I wasn't concerned.
    Yes I do believe the roots will get to the bottom. I think you'll be okay. If you get the chance go to the Organic Growing section check out the Organic No-till thread. You won't be disappointed. I'm excited to see where you take this grow. I think you'll kill it(do good). Seems like you are taking it seriously, good to see someone passionate about what they do.

    J Evergreen
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  19. Your plants May droop from time to time randomly, they may cease to grow, slow rate of growth, and if root burn is bad enough start burning leaves. You'll know if you have root burn. The plant will decline in health some as the burn increases if it does. Honestly though there are people who've grown in nothing but miracle grow and have been okay.(not saying use it) You should be fine for 1 grow. Just my 2cents anyways.

    J Evergreen
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  20. I just took these pictures of my plants to the left and center, they are doing the best so far but I'm concerned about the color of the stem because it's not very green it is more green towards the bottom but does this look ok? 20180101_115917.jpg 20180101_115906.jpg

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