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FIRST TIME GROW - White Widow!

Discussion in 'Indoor Grow Journals' started by AphexOriginal, Dec 13, 2012.

  1. So I have a standing shower, and decided to turn it into a grow closet, about 2 3/4 feet deep, 4 feet wide, and 9 feet tall... With Mylar over the glass, and a fat ass towl sealing the top part off. Havn't gotten around to plaster the walls yet with Mylar.

    I germed up my seeds after they all cracked and decided to just toss them in some Solo cups (Red of course!) Did a mix 4 : 1 of Ocean Floor and MG perlite. Planted the seeds roughly about 1/2 inch into top soil.

    After about 12 hours, there is no sign of sprouting or anything yet, so Im just "trying" to be patient...

    I have a 125W T5, 17 inches above the soil itself.

    Always wanting some new advice!:D

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  2. Your light can be closer with cfl. Did you use a Fox Farm product mixed with an MG product?

  3. How close should the light be?
    And yea its fox farm ocean floor with MG perlite
  4. With CFLs you can get it about 2 inches away from the plant itself,if you have proper airflow that is, if not, then Id say three or four inches. Looks good so far.
  5. Alright ill adjust them to like 6 inches or so, how long will it take for them to sprout usually?
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    When you transplant get the MG out of there. You said Ocean Forest right? The soil has more than enough nutes. The MG is just gonna add more nutes every time you water, you'll burn the shit out of them. If you soaked the soil before you planted it may already be too late. You obviously have access to a good supplier get some inert perlite.

    All MG products have water activated time released nutrients. So like I said every time you water their product your plants get fed. The FFOF is very hot for seedlings on it's own. Most grower's buffer it with FFLW as well. I prefer the FFHF product. It is a mix of both so I mix 75/25 with perlite. Been doing it this way for years no issues. Good Luck.

  7. Even miracle grow PERLITE has all that shit in it too??? Those fucks....
    Well I hope I didn't already kill these ladys already, im just going to keep spraying the top soil with my pH balanced water and hope for the best...

    So you use happy frog throughout the entire grow? Because if its better than the ocean floor, ill grab a bag of that to transplant them into if they make it.
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    FFHF is the shit. I alos use both dry and liquid trio nutes as well. But I never start feeding until week 6. I start in small containers (your solo cups will work) I transplant at 3 weeks into my final 3 gal bag. I start feeding at 1/2 strength after 3 more weeks. This is very typical of my results and I have many grows under my belt

    I don't get it suddenly my pics won't download???

  9. Yea my pics half the time never work -___-
    I raised the cups up so they're about 6 inches away from the bulb, I'm hoping that they will some sort of sprout withen the next day or so...
  10. ------------UPDATE #1-----------------

    3 Days after planting and 4 out of the 5 are looking great, there is one little runt, that is being a brat... Other than that, everything is going great!

    The 2 that sprouted 1st are about 2 inches, while the other 2 plants that were laggin behind are about a inch and a half.

    I have yet to really watered them heavily, only spraying them and the soil about twice a day.

    The second picture should be the one that is being weird.... Let me know what you guys think!

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  11. Your great, better than fine.

    Feed with compost 8 weeks in.

    Keep light 6 inches from.canopy and get pointed at bulb

    Watering with a sprayer will not promote roots to grow wide. You are doing good by keeping soil moist but bot soaked, but you have to do this in a way that gets all soil wet.

    A little dish soap can be used as a wetting agent

  12. Well I have one of those industrial 32 oz. Spray bottles, and I just drenched them pretty good,so im hoping for root growth now that there is actual water in the soil.

    And what do you mean about the dish soap? Like put it in the water?
  13. Im not sure if fox farm has wetting agent but it probably does

    Roots grow better when they have to stretch down and sideways in search f moisture
  14. How would you go about watering plants like these? When they are in just Solo cups for now?
  15. ----- Update 1 1/2------
    So that one little seedling that was fucking up, ended up not making it :(
    On the other side, the other 4 are growing great, already showing secondary Seratted leaves!!!​

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    Happy frog is def the shit. Ffof is more popular, but every hydro shop owner I've talked to has said they feel happy frog is better. You got to water a bit more with ffof and its a bit hotter. Imho the best soils in order would be happy frog then roots organic then ffof. Not that any I feel are way better then the other, but happy frog is my top choice. Roots organic is the best out of the bag and is cheaper which gives a slight edge at least to me over ffof. Only downfall to happy frog is it is so dense. It def is a great soil that grew me some of the strongest bud in town though
  17. Yea, i've heard that Happy Frog is the shit, im thinking about when i transplant them just do drop them in HF mixed with some inert perlite or whatever it is.... or should i just keep it the same with OF?
  18. that shit better grow out the bag for the $$!!!
  19. if you have a strain that really prefers to be dry you can add more to it but I havent found a strain yet that had a dislike for it. only use balanced water for my veg.

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