First Time Grow Update.. End of Week 5 Flower

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by Bambham, Nov 20, 2022.

  1. Hey all!! Just wanted to post a few more pics of our first ever grow! We have just hit the end of week 5 in flower and would of not made it this far without everyone's help. I was getting twisting leaves early in the run and then a little stunted growth as well in veg. I asked you all how they looked and if they were about right in around week 3 of flower. Today we took some looks at tricome development and wanted to share and document our whole first grow. Here are a few pics at the end of week 5 flower, how are we looking? See any issues? We look on track still? Getting excited for harvest day!!!
    received_1556055761491379.jpeg received_1556055761491379.jpeg received_1854615571549379.jpeg received_1854615571549379.jpeg received_837168634147446.jpeg received_1778478719201359.jpeg received_1311543056307790.jpeg
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  2. Your trichomes look dense!
    Those pics look beautiful for week 5 :yummy:
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  3. Thank you!!!

    It's Grape Rock Candy x Banana Butter Cup Pheno #2
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  4. how about pics of the buds too they look great
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  5. you will have a merry christmas for sure
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  6. Looks great mate! I'd be proud to have those in my tent!
  7. Right on!! Thanks guys! We screwed up alot as this is our first ever grow but it seems this is a pretty resilient plant. They seem to be doing ok. One plant is looking great while the other one is just really short and bushy. Not sure if that was from us screwing it up to bad or if they just kinda grow that way sometimes?
  8. Looking very nice
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