First time grow unsure of problem

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  1. Hey this is our first time grow I’ve done fair bit of research on this but couldn’t find good answer so I came here my plant is planted in organic all purpose soil and is usually put in backyard but has recently been windy and really cold so I put it close under my light with a fan but I have noticed about a week week and a half ago the older leaves are turning yellow and sort of burning off and it is travelling up the plant I’m now worried that it will take all the leaves I think it may be nitrogen deficiency but it is in third week of flower the top leaves also look like they are clawing and pointing down a little and a fair few of the leaves look like they have nute burn so this is really confusing me please help[​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]
    I also use this feed every now and then and give it a good water every day[​IMG]
  2. Nute burn and/or over water
  3. N tox, Cal mag def, overwatered due to poor drainage.
  4. Ok thank you will try my best to fix

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  5. You need to water thoroughly and let it dry between waterings. There's no reason that plant would need watering daily. I'm not saying that's your problem though, I don't know what's going on there.
  6. Mate check your ph too. Do a good research on it.

  7. Also consider fungus gnats.
  8. The watering every day and the cold spout pissed your plant off. Keep it in the temp range appropriate for growing and let it dry out and you should be okay.

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