First time grow, under tree and tree top.

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    Hello, I have been reading grow journals for a long time and I finally decided to start my own grow, and post the results. I currently have 4 purple kush, 2 unknown sativas, and 2 unknown indicas growing under a pine tree.for bagseed it looks like they all are fire genetics.

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  2. I was wondering if anybody had some good suggestions as to hiding a guerilla grow in woodland
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  3. Depends how out in the open you are, preferably try and surround the grow with a built up barrier or fence like structure but make sure too use the bracken,shrubs..trees that are in that area
  4. good thinking, I've heard holly trees work well for this and I purchased some camo tape for the tree top plant.
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    Would you guys think it's okay to cover plants with a waterproof bag when it rains late in flower to protect from mold?? Or would that just make mold develop quicker being in an area with poor ventilation for a day or two?

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  6. Plants are budding nicely, I just noticed this strange indica, it has been growing sets of 1,3, and 5 bladed leaves,but I noticed today 1 4 bladed leaf!! What is up with this plant???

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  7. How many hours of direct light a day does it get? I grow some of my plants outdoors along tree lines, deep flower is when insufficient lighting really begins to show. I take that into consideration when choosing spots.
  8. Were living in a world where we must hide the natural earth or we will lose our lives to the prison system.

    See a nice waterfall? Your city will find it, put a fence up and charge you to look.
    Wonder what gave them the right?

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  9. Move to Massachusetts yall! So nice to be able to grow legally. Hopefully all of the states will follow soon. I wouldn't totally cover the plant with a bag for the reason you pointed out. Might lock in humidity and cause mold. A canopy works fine to stop the rain and allow sufficient air flow.
  10. Will definetely put up a clear tarp we have had an incredibally rainy summer season. Oh and that's awesome that it's legal out there, I'm in Canada so we've been legal for 11 months or so.
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  12. You still have a long ways to go and days are shortening very quickly.
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  13. Yes agreed. I'm just above the 49th parallel.

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