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  1. Ive been around grow forums for a while and enjoy this one very much. im gana be starting a grow at my friends house and want everyones help in the process. im planning on copying (somewhat) smokeitdowns chamber.. .... i want bushier plants and figure i should put up a screen (not only make em bushier but keep them from growing to tall).

    I was thinking of ordering feminized seeds to make sure i dont have to weed out any males(figure i might as well spend a lil more to make sure i can actually finish my first grow). These are the strains im looking to grow: G-13 haze, AK-47(auto if i can get seeds), Sweet tooth(twisted metal ha), and blueberry. Id like to know what you think of those seeds. i want to start all 4 at same time and try to get about 200watts per square foot(8 lights). ill be getting supplies this upcoming week.....let me know what you think and any suggestions would be greatly appreciated, thankyou
  2. if you are going SCROG, only one plant is in order really. Just grow one, put it under the screen and tie it down everytime it shoots up, until the screen is covered and away you flower. This just takes alot of veg time.
  3. Id maybe go a ball hair taller than Smoke did his cab. It will be useful to have that extra height when it comes to carbon filter and lighting. Better to build it too tall, you can always lower the light, you just can't raise the roof.
  4. ya i agree with the making it taller but that would kinda kill the stealthy-ness. how much taller do you mean like a foot? why would you recommend only 1 plant? how far does a scrog'd plant grow out? i figure thats just wasted space only doing one plant, i like the variety of the different plants. is it really better to just do 1? or would i get a better yield with 4 plants regular grown, why only 1 for the scrog? does it really cover that much range? i said new grower, just trying to learn all that i can.
  5. think im gana try a LST with the 4 plants, seams simpler than the scrog and will give me a good yield(from what i read) and get the variety. I hope to see tons of posts when i start to help me out hopefully youll be around don. seen some of your grow journals and posts, definatly could use some help with this.......hopefully chamber will be built within next week(would have already done it but lack of funds). ill post pics soon
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    First of all, I'm honored you like my growbox enough to design based off it. If you can go any taller I would recommend it. My gbox is 36" tall (3ft). I have about 20" more that I can raise the lights... (light bracket is about 6" tall from top to bottom of bulbs, and pot is 6" tall). My plant is 3" tall right now, so the tallest it would be able to be is about 2 feet. Which is why I will be doing LST, possibly adding a screen in there after the LST is complete if I know I'll need it.

    The only thing is I am using my box as a tv stand with my xbox on it and a bunch of DVD's stacked on there too to make it look normal. I wouldn't advise going more than another 6-10" taller if you wanna keep it looking normal. Any taller and mine would look out of place and strange. I mean after all it is just a plywood box covered with a blanket lmfao.

    Make sure you use 2x4's to make a frame. I didnt do this and was left with a weak top, when I put my TV on the wood bowed down and I couldnt close the door. This is why I had to use 4 brackets to support the top of the box. And don't worry, you'll get the help you need here.

    Like I tell everyone whos in your shoes, I wouldn't be half as far as I am right now without the city. Btw, Don knows his shit. Take his advice seriously
  7. thanks for the advice.....I read that some plants respond differently to different grow methods. like how chronic doesnt respond well to topping. anything i should need to know about these strains i wana grow? G-13 haze, AK-47, Sweet tooth, and blueberry
  8. Thats stupid. Any plant you have will be fine with top/fim. Once its growin its not stopping unless you seriously fuck it up lol.

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