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    This is my first grow in which i only have one plant growing. I have looked at spanishfly's sticky post on sexing and i had afew questions about my plant. I fear it may be a hermie. I took a few pictures of what i believe to be signs of a hermie. Please correct me if im wrong.

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  2. Looks male to me, sorry bro.
  3. looks like you got a male. sorry man, how long you been growing for? how lnog are your lights on? off?
    if you are already in 12/12 how long have you been doing that for?
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    I am unsure of the timeframe. This began as a halfbaked experiment when i found a bagseed and decided to go outside and grab any soil i could find. When it actually sprouted i got serious and stumbled upon grasscity. Im not really dissapointed. I had a successful grow for a first time and i know not everyone can say that. I've been running 18/6 since it sprouted.i still have much to learn about timing and whatnot. When would be a good time to go 12/12? Is 12/12 considered the flowering cycle? I am uncertain of the proper time to switch the light cycle to the flowering cycle.

    Also, probably a really stupid question but, a male plant wont have ANY flowering buds? No yield at all?
  5. Definitely male flowers there.
  6. I guess you could go through the pain in the ass of making hash from it. I read somewhere you can do that with a male plant, otherwise its useless.
  7. It looks like it could be a hermie. If you really dont want to replant, if I were you I'd let it grow. Hermies still produce buds, and its better than throwing it away.

    Also if you do end up trashing it, take the leaves and soak them in vodka or 90% iso alcohol to extract the THC.

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