First Time Grow - Seed Problems seeking advice

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    I am in cambodia growing the best available bag seed.  The sun is 12/12  and temp range and humidity are relatively perfect. 
    Unfortunately potting soil is not available and 15/30/15 is the only fertilizer available.  I started with dirt dug from my wifes farm which was crushed dried out, we added some top soil we bought from a nursery with coconut husks, and a cow manure for our soil. 
    We have succesfully grown garlic, tomatoes, cucumbers, pumpkins and a vaariety of local vegetables with this method. 
    The images are of the leaves today.  Week 6, and 9 days after topping.  Can anyone identify what this white spots and yellow coloring mean? the white spots are on nrelay every leaf but the yellowing is only on low leaves.
    Thanks for any advice.
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  2. It doesnt look that bad yet, use this for future reference:

    shows a lot of the deficiencies and what they look like
  3. Thanks, @[member="Cetyal"] , you feel its a problem with nutrients and not spider mites?  I have seen some other resources that would indicate pests.  However carefully look on the undersides of leaves and cant find them.  a deficiency would be good news. Cheers!
  4. Looks like mite damage. Spray them with an insecticide. You can use neem, sesame seed oil mixed with plain dish soap, garlic and cayaan pepper. It will kill most pest. Spray plants once a week and things should improve.

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