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  1. I just finished putting together my first grow box. Its not huge by any stretch of the imagination. What i have used so far is an 18 galleon tote with 12 net pots using Hydroton as the grow medium. I am using 3 5500k 18" T8's and 4 23W 2700k both are adjustable depending on how large the plants get. I plan on putting 6 clones in. The size of the box is roughly 26"W x 20" L x 68" H all covered in a reflective material.

    Now that I have given at least a simple description of what I am using, my question is can I grow 6 plants without having to worry about over crowding and from everything else that I have read you can never have to many lights. I am worried that I dont have enough lighting or that I am using the wrong spectrum for veg. I know that when I am ready to flower I will need to change at least the 3 T8's. I'm just curious if I have enough or should I get more. I am hopefully attaching a couple of pics but I am not sure if its going to work.

    Sorry if I am bringing up an old thread but I havent really found what I was looking for. Thanks for all the advice in advance.

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  2. I seriously doubt you're going to be able to grow more than one plant in a size that small. another huge problem is cooling down that closet. im not sure what lights you're using, but if its HID lighting that cabinet is going to be 100 degrees. you're going to have to find a way to keep it under 85 degrees...there are very small differences if any in the results from MH lighting and HPS lighting. HPS is technically more efficient so thats what a lot of people use. if you were using HPS you'll need just a small light for one plant or so. you also dont want too big of one or it will just be that much harder to keep the cabinet cool...
  3. 5500k is sometimes called photographic white - and its application for growing is limited - apart from as supplementary light.

    6400k or cool white - is preferable for vege - your 2700k is good for flowering but most growers prefer to combine these bulbs for a broader spectrum - with slight emphasis on 6400k for vege and an emphasis on 2700k for flower.

    More light is always better - you could definitely use more in the space you have
  4. Plants growth is seriously inhibited at anything above 80F

    Its simple - you need an out take fan.
  5. Cool. I just installed 3 out take fans that I stole from an old computer I have. I have been trying to find some lights in my area in the 6500k range but have yet to find any that fit the fixtures I already have in. I plan on upgrading them in the next day or two and removing the ones that came with them. The ones that came with the fixture are "rated" for plant growth but I am still trying to find a a few more. I am also thinking about adding a drip system to my DWC in order to top feed as well as have the plants pull the nutes from the tub. Thanks for all the advice and keep it coming to make me a better indoor farmer lol.
  6. How quickly do you think the new fans will be replacing the air inside the room?

  7. Using your dimensions it seems you have around 21 cf of space inside your box.

    I don't know what the cfm rating of the fans you are using are but with three of them and that small of a space you are going to be totally replacing the air inside your grow space several times a minute.
  8. I am not entirely sure how fast they will be replacing the air inside the box. I let left the lights on all night and this morning when I checked the temp inside it was at a stable 74 degrees. I am however finding it difficult to find the bulbs that I need. I know that I really need 6500 K lights but I cant seem to find any that are 18" long. If anyone knows if lowes, homedepot or a website that has them in the size could you please like it. Thanks
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  10. Do you think that I am cycling to much air or not enough. I cant seem to find the cfm of the fans on them but they are just the standard computer fans.
  11. More air is good as long as you can keep the temp between 68-78f IMO
  12. Sorry for so many questions I just want to make sure my setup is solid before I bring any plants into the mix. I am having a hard time finding 2' T5 bulbs after replacing my fixtures in the 2700k spectrum. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Also if I cant find 2700k would 3000k be an ok alternative? Also I got the temp inside the box to an average of 74f which from everything I have read should be good enough with a small fluxuation in humidity between 40-45%
  13. Yeah 3000k should be okay - however 2700k should be hard to source - CFLs that use bayonet or a 27mm edison screw might be easier to find.
  14. Ok so basicly I scrapped what I had and just spent the $500 and went to a grow shop. I have a 3x3x6' area with 1x 250w 6700k cfl and reflector about 6" from 4 plants. Currently I have a 6" intake duct fan low on the grow tent. I also have 4x 23w 2700k CFL around the base of the grow tent. I am thinking of getting another 250w and reflector along with an 8" duct fan for an outtake to always be pushing out more air than I am taking in to help with any heating issues that will come into play later. Also I chose to grow with soil instead of hydro for my first couple of grows. I will try to take a few pics and post in a day or two. Any advice as always is more than welcome. Thanks in advance.
  15. I am trying to think of anything else that I am going to need in order to make this the best I can. Any advice?
  16. I am thinking about running 24/7 for week one 18/6 for week 2 and 3 then week 4 switch to 12/12. The strain is Jack the Ripper. Am I missing anything or will this work out well for the 4 plants i have.
  17. I only run fresh cut clones 24/7.You might want to try 18/6 for 4wks,then 12/12 to flower...Some people have different approaches,like longer veg for bigger plants,or 24hr periods of darkness between each veg & flower...its what works best for you to achieve the yeild you need....Nice set-up by the way.
  18. Thanks for the props. They only reason I am thinking of 24 for a week is for the increased size due to no dark period. Just a thought but who knows maybe ill do 18/6 for 6 weeks lol
  19. Plants look good,what size pots you running?

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