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  1. Good afternoon! So, like the post says. I am a first time grower that’s having some SERIOUS problems it seems.
    So I got some clones from a friend who has add TREMENDOUS success growing with all of these strains. Anyway, into my grow.

    For soil We started with a huge bag of pro mix that was a few years old but still completely sealed. Then added in their right amounts relative to how much soil we had; growstone super soil aerator, age old organics kelp meal, great white granular 1, pure worm castings organic fertilizer, down to earth blood and bone meal.

    Got the soil nice and moist and repotted then out of their solo cups ( they had ALOT of root growth, almost wrapping inside the cup) and into a 3 gallon grow bucket with built in drain holes all over.

    Set them up with a 400 watt metal halide light running 24/7

    Watered whenever the soil got dry and had a constant fan on low blowing on them. 65 degrees in the tent with 77% humidity (hard to get the humidity down in the basement)

    It’s been a couple weeks since we reported them into the bigger buckets and they are starting to look awful. We emptied the big pro mix bag into a tub when we were mixing the additives into the soil so some of it got wet and we closed the lid back up and left it in the basement. Just a couple days ago we noticed a bunch of flies and opened the soil up to find a bunch of mold growing in it. About a week ago we also repotted them because the seed pods that they were growing in had not broken down at all. My friend who has grown before recommended taking apart the seed pods and repotting then with looser soil. Did we possibly use contaminated soil and the plants are not doing well in it? We also haven’t checked the water other then a pool strip that says the ph is good. I have NO idea what we did wrong but they were BEAUTIFUL when we got them as clones about a month ago. But have slowly gotten way worse. Could anyone possibly point me in a good direction. I’m open for just about anything. I’ve tried to link some pictures but if they can’t be seen just let me know!

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  2. You managed to melt them

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  3. What does that mean? Was there something specific I did wrong so I don’t do it in the future? Could I still bring them back?
  4. Seems everything went wrong if you started with old soil ,
    How was the run off were they in muddy soil ,

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  5. Sounds like rootrot

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  6. Set them up with a tub underneath them to catch all the run off but they were elevated so anything that ran off would not have still been in contact with the plants or soil themselves. You mention I prolly started off wrong with the bad soil. At this state would it be worth it to try and repot them in a brand new mix?
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  7. Thank you!
  8. They are not happy at all. Likely to far gone to rescue but.
    Toxic soil is the most likely suspect.
    Dig 2 of the best ones up. Place root ball in a 5 gallon bucket of water and very gently rinse the roots clean.
    Load up a medium size pot like 6x6x6 with a known Cannabis friendly soil like Fox Farms Ocean Forest.
    You'll know in a week or so if they are going to pull out.
    Get more clones from your source and place them in FFOF as well.


    Transplanting to a smaller pot will keep you from overwatering.
    This is in FFOF and hose water at 8.5 PH.
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  9. Myself I would just start over , chalk this up as a learning lesson, you weren't to far along that it's a major loss , just be glad you were not 8 weeks into flower .

    Also I've used superthrive to bring back some plants I thought were too far go e in the past .

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