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  1. Hey guys, I started my grow a couple weeks ago.
    I had a good start at first, but then ran into light issues right off the bat. My light came in yesterday so I got it set up & was excited. My nutes came in as well. The general hydroponics starter kit.
    I got my plants under good light & everything was great at first (assuming by the length of the stem, my light issue caused this issue as they were stretching & not getting enough.
    I gave them the few little nutes that the box to do at the certain week.
    I slipped & got some of the nutes on the leaves

    I should have had my light in & everything before I even started the grow, but I didn’t, I rushed.

    Here are a few pictures of yesterday.

    IMG_6105.JPG IMG_6103.JPG

    Here is today.
    IMG_6108.JPG IMG_6110.JPG IMG_6112.JPG

    I’m ready for some hard criticism.

    Thanks in advance everyone.

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  2. Did you put the nutes directly into the medium without diluting them in water?? It almost looks as if you did.
  3. What soil & light? Way too earley for nutes in soil but even without the added dialema of watering the leaves too, they have sucked in even more. You can sort out the stems lankyness by burying on transplant. Also add in lots more perlite to the soil when you transplant.

    Now I'm pretty inexperienced myself so someone else will have to tell you their surviveability chances.
    Good luck bro!
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  4. Surely not :confusedalt::roflmao:
  5. As weedhead1 said...way to early for nutes...

    and just so we can probably correct it. What light and the height from the canopy?
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  6. I won't lie, I did do this... I feel like a moron now, because I know better. But yes, thats what I ended up doing. Anyway to save them? Can't believe I did this.
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  7. I knew it.... lol. I mean they are pretty much burnt to a crisp at the moment and would be very hard to salvage, but I like to stay optimistic on this forum so anything is worth trying (exam : flushing the medium).
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  8. Yeah, I'm going to try to save them, but we will see what happens. I knew this would be a little bit of trial & error, but I completely screwed it up & now feel the reproductions. If they fail, I have more feminized seeds I will get going & not make the same mistake as before.
  9. I would recommend putting some more time into research, especially about things like the finer points of nutrients and the like. There are plenty of resources available to help you if you search weed growing guides. The two best ways to learn are through practice/experience, or through study. You don't have much experience in this field, so you've gotta study.

    All the things in your GH box are things that will keep your plants perfectly satisfied, pampered, and healthy, but they are tools, and it is crucial to use each tool properly. I would look into exactly what each nutrient in your kit does before using it, and not just based on info from someone selling the stuff.

    Pretty much the first lesson on nutrients is that less is more. It is far easier to overfeed than underfeed when using these readily bioavailable hydroponic nutrients. For seedlings I use about a quarter (less even) the dilution called for on the bottle, and the only times ive gone over half the label dose were during flowering stretch. I actually had some nute burn at half strength last run. And I run dwc, where the plants don't have a nutrient rich soil to keep them fed.

    Put in the time to do ample research and youll likely be rewarded with fruitful, bountiful, beautiful harvests
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  10. o no..
  11. Couple things - first, no one can see anything but purple in your pictures. Always take pics under natural lighting.

    You need to rinse the hell out of your cups with pH balanced water. Can you do this?

  12. Hi TG,
    I'm Sara from Mars Hydro:) we would recommend during the seedling, the hanging distance of the light is about 24"-30" above the plants, veg: 18'"-24" above the plants.
  13. Wow only 2 things cause leaves to do that. First is nuking with too many nutes and the other is light heat stress. Damaged goods man...Hope you can save them but they look pretty crispy to me.

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