First time grow- Possible Growth problem?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by Osmosis Jones, Nov 17, 2011.

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    Hey GC, so I started my first grow about a month ago. I started the operation in my cabinet in my garage which I found out was too cold. I moved the cabinet inside two weeks ago, so i'm gonna count that my plants are two weeks old in their stable environment. My problem is I think my plants are growing rather slow because of potential problems. They are only 2 1/2 to 3 inches tall- I have three plants, no known deficiency. After troubleshooting I haven't been able to identify any problems. Check my profile description/signature for details of my grow op. Thanks!
  2. Get some pics up.

    Height isnt everything, check my grow, my plants are only a foot tall and I expect over 4 oz each.
  3. I'll put some up soon, I just added two more 30w t5 lights. No temp change.
  4. I see you have your plants 2 feet from your 250w light. Seems a bit far, thats usually where you put a 1000 watter at. Do you have heat issues if you keep it closer? You should be able to hold your hand at the top of the plants and feel how hot it is. I have my 1000w at 15 inches from my tops..
  5. I just moved the lights closer, about 10 inches. I don't have any heat issues yet. Ill check my readings soon, then move it closer. I just added two t5 lights to allow for more light to reach the bottom leaves of the plant, thoughts?
  6. what kind of the ratio of your LED been choosed? different colour wavelength will effect the plant's growth or photosynthesis, below details for u ref, hope they are useful for u

    Blue:445nm 440~460nm
    Blue:470nm 460~490nm
    Green:505nm 490~520n
    Green:530nm 520~550nm
    Red:627nm 620~645nm
    Red orange:617nm 613~620nm
    Amber:590nm 585~597nm

  7. I'm pretty sure he's using HID and T12 lighting... Not LED...
  8. I'm using HID lights, not LED.
  9. oh, understand! but as u know, LED is more energy saving and more effecient for plant's growth, if possible and you are intrested in, can have a try and you'll find what i said is absolutely right.:)
  10. I'll consider an LED setup for my next grow. Right now I'm just trying to get down the basics. I inherited everything I need to grow quality plants. Not a dime spent, no sense letting that go to waste. Pictures will be uploaded soon... I just need to find my digital camera >.<

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