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    So here's my whole plan on growing for my first time. First off were planing on growing 1 or 2 plants. Me and my friend are building this tree house and insulating it and everything to make it like a room you could live in. His house is right by the tree house like 15 feet away with an outlet so we can run the extension cord in the treehouse. We have this heater to heat it up in the winter. [
    attachment=1601270:ImageUploadedByGrasscity Forum1414339872.270306.jpg]

    Then when we have it built we were gonna put this grow tent in there ImageUploadedByGrasscity Forum1414339967.068739.jpg

    With these 400W hps light ImageUploadedByGrasscity Forum1414340045.928248.jpg

    We have this air purifier/ionizer and a fan with an intake and exhaust. Then we got fox farm lite warrior soil with the fox farm trio nutrients with Beastie Bloomz.

    What do you guys think? Do we need anything more? What else do we need to do, is there anything wrong or what?

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  2. You need fans for air movement and ventilation also a source for water it might look a little suspicious of your hauling buckets of water up a ladder onto tree
  3. Ya in reference to the blade above. I would get a giant Rubbermaid tub and set it up with the lidd off up there. Run a hose and fill that mofo up you should have PLENTY of water.

    Other than that I would make sure it's 100% light proof for when lights are on and it's dusk/dawn.

  4. ^^^ make sure to keep it out of light as it will more prone to grow algae I would also take an air pump and agate the water with a few air stones and on winter you could maybe run an aquarium heater in it to keep it from freezing
  5. Alright thanks and I was just gonna have a mini fridge up there maybe and have bottles and bottles of water up there

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