First time grow pics. Critics welcome.

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by OrganicGrower88, Aug 2, 2017.

  1. First time grower and new member here. Let me know your opinions about how I did for my first grow. Thanks.

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  2. Looks a Damn Sight better than my first grow.
    Hell of a good job. Welcome to the City.
  3. I dont know if im allowed to swear but holy fucc. For a first time thats amazing. Make sure to dry and cure long enough. When i did my first grow years ago i got so excited that i didnt cure long enough and it tasted harsh af
  4. Fantastic job!!
  5. Nice job.
  6. Thanks guys. Still have one more girl in the tent. (See pics) She was crammed in there until I harvested the one above. Got to spread her out a bit afterwards. Will give some back info on the grow 0730172017f.jpg when I get a chance.

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  7. Looks great.
    Congrats on a successful first grow.
    What strains did you do?
    The one above looks interesting.
  8. I know. Its in the genetics to grow foxtailing buds. Every single one is a foxtail on this plant. The first one I harvest was called Desconocida(unknown) Kush and the one still flowering is super lemon haze.
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  9. Just wanted to throw out there that I grew these plants with no nutrients other than what was in the soil. I only transplanted once too. Ill transplant one more time on my next grow though. I also grew them with cheapo 300w led panels from ebay. I used 3 in a 2x4 tent and it only cost me $150 for all 3. I had no issues with them so far and they came with a 2 year warranty.
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  10. The first plant I harvested came in at 478.4 grams wet not including trim. Hoping to get 4 oz from each plant. What are some of you guys averaging? Also bought another 4x4 tent to get a perpetual harvest going. Can't wait.
  11. Oh wow no nutes I'd love the soil recipe purty please cheers in the first grow done
  12. Sure. Its very simple. 18 quarts of fox farm ocean forest. 3 quarts perlite, 4 quarts worm castings, 5 quarts of good compost, 2 cups of flower girl bud and bloom booster. Thats for a 7 gallon container. I only finished veg with this mix. I used a 1 gallon container for seedling through mid veg with only fox farm ocean forest until they outgrew the pots.
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  13. I also watered with distilled water only and I add a teaspoon of liquid seaweed to every gallon to feed microlife.
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  14. Next time ill try hanging them. Don't like the flat spots the drying rack leaves on the buds.

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  15. Just a close up of the super lemon haze buds. 0803172003g.jpg 0803172003g.jpg 0803172003g.jpg 0803172003c.jpg
  16. yeah I was gonna ask about that one, it doesn't look right lol.

    And also, not trying to be a dick but wet weight doesn't mean anything. You can expect to lose at least 2/3's of that weight. Most don't weigh anything wet at all for that reason. Doesn't give you a good indication of where you will end up.
    First plant looked alright though. How was the smoke on it? Nothing quite like that first joint you smoke of your own bud.
  17. Hey don't worry about being a dick. I was born in the pre-sensitive generation. Plus I work in construction where all day long is just busting balls.(not in the union because those guys run to the stewards if you hurt their feelings) and I know,wet weight doesn't mean shit but I had 480 grams which when dried I was hoping for 4 oz which would be a 1/4 of my wet weight so if I get 1/3 I'd be better off actually. First plant is still drying so I haven't tried it yet. And second is a sativa dominant which not many guys grow sativa in a tent, its usually indica. Which is why I think that plant looks funny to most but it also has a month to go before ready (12 week flower) the other was 8 weeks indica dominant. Ill keep posting updated pics but I feel like this plant is going to fatten up and not be so airy. I can post pics of genetically foxtailing buds but im not going to waste my time when a quick search can be done. I can say one thing though. The second plant has way better trichomes production than the first.
  18. Update from first plant harvested. Ended up with 120g dry. Right where i wanted to be. Check out pics. Still needs to cure for a minimum of 2 weeks to a month. Also second plant is still coming along. Leaves started changing colors and bud swell should be starting now. Hopefully be done by the end of the month. Let me know what you think. 0816172230b.jpg 0816171552.jpg 0816171552a.jpg 0816171552b.jpg 0816172230a.jpg 0816172230.jpg 0816171551b.jpg
  19. And for who have never seen genetically foxtailing buds. Google search Dr. Grinspoon strain. Looks almost exactly the same as my second plant although my second plant is supposed to be super lemon haze, not Dr. Grinspoon.

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