First time grow - Outdoors in the UK(England)

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by eversochilled, Mar 25, 2012.

  1. Hi everyone
    I am currently taking a break of the weed to study on my exams for 2 months.
    In those two months i plan to grow a plant or two in a discrete location.
    I live in the UK and the temperature will probably hit a medium of about 13 - 25 degrees Centigrade(if that's how u spell it). I am currently looking at getting an autoflowering plant, most probably a lowrider due to not having to much height to play with.
    Now this location is bascially in a big hedge of brambles, and a few trees. I have no doubt that this will become a lot more dense and nearly impossible to move through in the summer. So far i have dug a platform in a slope which will fit around two plants. My plan is to layer this with gravel so that no more of the millions of roots will push through, and then cover this with fertilizer, and then chicken wire around the baby plants when put there. Then when i have an empty house i plan to cut a hole through the canopy of the trees so that my plant will receive some sunlight.
    I will give the plant maintenance over this period of time, however i was wondering if anybody had some tips on how to keep my plant from being attacked by other plants/weeds and anything I have missed out. I would also like to note that this is not something I plan on spending a lot of money on, just a little side project to keep my occupied in my spair time. Any help would be brilliant, ideally from someone who has had to grow stealthily in an unideal sight in conditions simmilar to mine, that being said, any help is good help!)
    (I live in south of England in Devon were temperatures are usually slightlly higher than the rest of the nation yet a bit wetter as well)

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