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  1. I got about 15 seeds and started to germinate them about 4 days ago. One of them is already germinated and the "white thing" (sorry not sure what its called) is comming out of one of the seeds, so i decided to would be a good time to gather equiptment. I'm thinking i'm going to grow them outside but i'm going to get them started inside. I'm planning on using cfl's to grow them at first then put them outside. What voltage should the cfl's be?

    Also, i'm quoting this from the Germinating 420 thread "Your potting mix should be loose and not too lumpy. I plan on just using WalMart soil, its all good. Dont add fertilizer yet it should have what it needs for about 24 days. Your choice of pot is optional... I recommend something at least 6 inches deep, and be sure and check for lots of drainage holes.Party cups with holes at the bottom are my choice for n easy.. Fill your pot with your soil, water it well, and set it aside to drain. Do this before you start messing with your seeds. Once the pot has drained 10-15 minutes, take a pen, a screwdriver.... anything small and pointed, and make a slight depression in the soil in the middle of the pot. Your seeds want to be planted only about 1 inch deep.... no more. Transfer the germinated seed into the hole you made very carefully... this is the moment you are most liable to damage your sprout. Use careful fingers, or a tiny spoon to move it... do not squish or roll it around... just move that baby. It will be beneficial if the root tip lands pointing down, but I hear that moving them around too much is more dangerous than letting the tip point sideways. Just be careful... this is not a step to do when you are stoned . Cover the seed with a bit of loose soil, and stop. Never pour water on a planted seed.... this is why we watered and drained the pot first thing- the soil should already be wet enough. Cover the pot with something to keep moisture in..such as baggies as shown down below. You are trying to keep the dampness in, as you will not be watering an unsprouted planted seed. It is fine the way it is You are trying to keep the dampness in, as you will not be watering an unsprouted planted seed. It is fine the way it is. Set your pot your growroom, hopefully already set up!. Leave it alone. While you are waiting, there is a lot going on. Cannabis sends out a taproot first... your little root tip is growing and getting settled in before it allows the sprout to break ground. Check your pots a couple of times a day, but do not water them, and do not poke them... leave them alone!"

    I'm going to plant my germinated seed today. Once its planted and NOT sprouted should i put light on it or wait for it to be sprouted first?
  2. You need to use cool white CFL's they burn at 6500k. A good choice is 8 23w bulbs. This will supply enough light just make sure they are the correct Kelvin temp. Check your seedlings daily when you see that they are breaking through the soil and the "white thing" is comming up. The leaves should open up into light. put them on 18/6 and dont overwater. Lemme know how it goes.
  3. thanks for the info on the lights... but when i said the "white thing" i was refering to the plant germinating before i planted it not it sprouting out of the ground
  4. hey
    i am about to do the exact same thing ( start indors and finish outside) but i dont realy want to spend much if any $ on this. could you help me set up a grow room in my closet so i can get growing :smoking:


  5. Sprouts will normally show a white sprout just under the soil after planting before the sprot breaks through thats how i tell its time to turn on the lights. just my opinion. anyways no prob later.
  6. Hey man, pm for growth advice.

  7. would it matter if i just let them grow till they sprout through the soil then put light on them?
  8. the little white thing is called a taproot buddy
  9. Your plants don't need light until after they have sprouted, if that's what you are asking. Did you buy your seeds from a seed bank? If so, you are probably spending a good amount of money (and time) on your seeds, and the most effective method for propogation is using rockwool cubes and a humidity dome, but I don't know how much you want to spend on this if you already germinated your seeds.

    Why have you decided to plant them inside and finish them outside? Was your plan to get the plants healthy and hardy to help ensure their survival? I think that would be a good idea if that's your intention, but I don't think they need to grow for long inside before you transplant them.

    You could put them under 2 40watt fluorescent fixtures (flourescent fixtures are like $20 at hardware stores around here) and that would grow them just fine for a couple weeks until they would be ready to transplant outside.

    Now forums and websites are good tools for learning about cultivation, etc. But if you're serious about growing I think you should pick up a book or two about it. I really liked The Cannabis Grow Bible by Greg Green. It's really easy to understand and pretty cheap on, it would definitely help the success of your crop. And if ever something in the book was unclear, bam you could ask the forum. Just a thought, but you seem a bit new to growing and there is a lot to learn.

    Anyways, good luck with everything, I hope this helped at least some.
  10. Yeah I'm going to grow them inside until they get big enough to go outside just to ensure they grow. I'm thinking of keeping one to grow inside just to see how that goes. Right now i have 9 germinated seeds planted in cups with holes in the bottom with wet soil and a plastic bag on top (with elastic around it to ensure its on tight ;) ). Unfortunatly they're not feminized so hopefully the majority of them are female. Once they've sprouted I plan on putting them under some cfl's for a little while, then putting them out back. Hopefully it all goes well thanks for all they help I'll keep you guys updated.
  11. I just checked on the plants a couple minutes ago and one of them has sprouted :) . I'm going to buy lights and set everything up tonight. should I start to water it? any advice? Its looking a little yellow-green and what hours should i set it to?
  12. Iman,
    Don't water until they have poked through the soil and are a couple inches tall. Even then, water only if the dirt is dry to about an inch deep. Water around the seedling not directly on it because it is delicate. Good luck.
  13. thanks for all the info... it now has 4 really small leaves and is around 1.5 inchs tall. I planted it in a styrafoam cup when should I transfer it to a pot?
  14. You can veg it for a few more days, then you can cut the bottom off the pot and then transplant it to a bigger pot, which will go outside later, or you can just cut the bottom off the cup and plant that baby outside. I mean those babies.
  15. Heres some pics of my plants. The one thats straight is 4 days old and the one thats bent is 3. What do you guys think?

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  16. Looks good.
    You could probably keep them in there for another week or, if you are really careful, you can transplant now; your choice.
  17. I'm planning on buying pots and new soil this weekend. What size pots should I get and what type of soil is best?
  18. I use premium potting soil so I cant help you with that but whatever you do dont use Miraclegrow look for soil with no time release ferts also try to get 1 gallon pots for now and 3 gallon pots for when you will transplant before flowering also if you have the money get soil and shit from here P.S if your vegging for two months get the 2 gallon and the 5 gallon
  19. At this point I use 8 inch pots.
    For soil I would say anything but Miricle Grow, Scotts or Shultz. If you could get some potting soil that has perlite, vermiculite, sphagnum peat moss and NO NUTRIENTS in it, you will be good. Organic soil is also great. Miricle Grow organic is mediocre. If you use that you have to buy some perlite, sphagnum peat moss etc. and add it to the mix because MG organic has poor drainage. The Sunshine Mix line is good; lots of peeps use them on here. Personally, I use some generic brand of potting soil that already contains all those aforementioned goodies added to it. I get it at the local nursery here for $7.95 a bag and the bag size is 40 QT.
  20. shit all my plants are in a mixture of regular soil and Miricle Grow (i think)... but they seem to be doing fine except for one that has a red stem

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