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  1. Have a small amount of white powder on 2 or 3 of my plants. One of my plants also looks to be a bit yellow and white on two of the leaves. This occurred the first week I planted them and had them outside before moving them into my completed growroom. Running two 300 watt LEDs with a 17/7 light cycle.

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  2. Soil is too dense. Need a more arid mix and always let the soil dry out before giving more water. Add a ton of perlite to the soil. Don't start feeds until plant has had a chance to use mutes that come in fresh soil....a couple of weeks for a more mature plant. Babies don't need fed until they are several weeks old....had time to mature some. The white might be light burn. LEDs burn a bit hot to plants so make sure there is enough distance between light and plant.
  3. That faded leaf is definitely from led lights bleaching it out from being too close. It's happened to me before. The other white spots looks like you might have got some drops of water on the leaves or something.

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