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Discussion in 'Micro Grows' started by andypandy1, May 21, 2013.

  1. hi folks 
    first ever grow blue widow all seems to be going well, what i want to know is do they need pruning while in flower? its just they seem really bushy and im unsure if i should cut em back a wee bit, all advise welcomed


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  2. No dont prune them unless its a necessity like large fan leaves are blocking light to bud sites. Let the plant do its thang.
  3. cheers man was kinda hoping thats what id hear, im very happy with how its all going :)
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  4. @[member="andypandy1"]
    And she's looking nice and healthy! Keep it up you're doing great!! :smoke:
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  5. cheers again, any idea how much i might pull off them when its time? im a complete newb dont wana get my hopes up but im hoping for abot kinda 6oz, you think that ight be possible?
  6. @[member="andypandy1"]
    Many good growers have told me, dont count your chckens before they hatch. Theres no way to predict that, but if you show your plants love then you wont be disappointed.
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  7. Resin, like with mint or catnip leaves, is an insect repellant. If you simulate an insect attack, i.e. pruning, you will get some dank ass bud :) Look it up!
  8. Cheers guys, funka anychance you could post a link for this info pls, I'll post more pics soon

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