First Time Grow: Lowryder 2, Blueberry Skunk, and Early Misty

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  1. Well where do I begin? ..Lets say about five months ago..around mid February..I got a wild hair that I wanted to try smoking weed again..Considering it had been after much thought I figured what the heck..i didn't want to just go out and buy some because I really didn't want to risk ruining my reputation if caught and besides growing it myself would be a bit more gratifying…humm which is more risky?
    And so the journey began…a few trips to Lowes, some spare parts from here and there, lots of internet reading, ordered my light, and most importantly some good seeds..

    After collecting everything I then found a spare day to build my small, modest grow box..It is about 4 feet tall, 3 feet wide by 3 feet long…so as you can see enough room to be major operation
    Materials: used up my spare OSB and 2x4's..1 digital 120v outdoor landscape timer, 2 exhaust fans, 1 intake fan, 1 Oscillating fan inside, 1 Digital Thermometer, some thermo bubble wrap,and my 150 HPS Ballast light..sounds fancy huh?
    Seeds: After much research I chose Early Misty, Blueberry x Skunk (fem), and ah yes..the infamous Low Ryder amazed me how many strains and hybrids there a teen man I just called it weed whatever it looked like..but yeah did I mention that ordering seeds can be a little nerving..(maybe I should have just bought some..ok nah!! So all in all I spent probably around $135 on seeds and they all made it to the US just fine..not that it always happens like that, but I am very greatful!
    So after germinating a few seeds of each I ended up with the pic below about 3 weeks into vegging..(by the way all my pics are cellphone pics so not the greatest quality, but decent enough. Also I wish now I had taken more, but I will know next time…if there is a next time..humm?!..The two in the back are Lowryder 2's, front left is Blue Berry x Skunk (fem), and lower right is my early misty..

    I went with Lowryder 2 mainly because of its quick turnaround and it's a relatively short plant. Blueberry skunk..well that just sounded yummy..and the early misty was a beautiful looking plant that could with stand colder temps..I mainly wanted to try early misty outdoors so of all ten seeds that I germed the only one that made it is in this pic which I transplanted from outside to in my grow I was crossing my fingers for miss early misty.. Also a little note on the last pic I had been using 18/6 for my light..if you don't know the Low Ryder 2 is an autoflowering strain..another reason I chose it..

    This is my best looking Lowryder 2 about 6 weeks into the 18/6 light cycle..the other one was more of a runt..but still yielded ok..

    Same Lowryder 2 after 8 to 9 weeks from seed to I had just got through pruning it for harvest

    Over 8 inch main cola…not to bad huh? (same LR2)

    So about the Lowryder 2..all the hype worth it? I would say definitely so!..after drying a few weeks and curing another 2 it was a mind blowing smoke! After not smoking weed for years and smoking a bowl of this my whole body was on cloud nine!..I would say it was very tasteful considering while it was flowering the whole room had a nice skunk smell to it..The only thing is the buds weren't very dense, more fluffy..but that's ok cause it was loaded with THC crystals and lots of red hair pistols..Oh yeah I also forgot to mention that I at one point actually had 3 Lowryders and I went away for 6 days and came back and the grow room had LR2's where starting to flower and one of them was a male and had already released some pollen..I was amazed at how quick that just 6 days..but anyway I pulled it but needless to say I ended up with around 21 extra seeds for the future..but considering I paid a butt load for 5 of them I am not complaining..

    And in the meantime back at the mean grow box..after pulling out the lowryders I switched the lighting to 12/12 to start flowering my Skunk x Blueberry (fem) and my Early Misty.. and since I didn't take many pics the one below is around 3 weeks after I switched to 12/12..and yes my one and only Early Misty was a girl!..

    Its hard to tell but there are actually two plants in this blue x skunk on the left and my early misty on the right..while I was in vegetation (18/6) I topped both of these plants once they got around 10 inches tall..I had read that was a good thing to do when growing in small spaces..
    The pic below is another pic at 3 weeks flowering..

    And another one..Can you see the difference? One on left is Blue x Skunk and one on right directly behind the fan is Early Misty..Im excited about the Blue x Skunk cause the buds are extremely compacted and my Early Misty is about Opposite.. the Pistols are extremely long, but the buds seem to be growing at a much slower pace..but I cant complain

    Pic Below is 6 weeks flowering for my Blue x Skunk..close up of one of my colas..

    Pic below is My Early Misty at 6 Weeks Flowering..(close up of one of its colas)

    And now a break from the Madness to please help me solve this mystery..its at this point in time,6 weeks into flowering that is, that I started to notice on both my female plants…seeds!?!?..My Blue x Skunk is definitely female even though I noticed a few decent looking mature seeds on just a couple of the buds..but my Early Misty on the other hand seems to be pretty loaded with seeds even though the pistils are still over a inch long, but yet the buds aren't very compact..seems like more pistils than bud..and my blue x skunk is covered in THC Crystals and the Early Misty is just starting to show some..
    So I have two thoughts..either my Early Misty is a hermie and got my blue x skunk a lil pregnant or there was active pollen from my male Low Ryder 2 that I pulled over about a month and half or close to two months ago..because like I mentioned some of the pods from that male plant did get to open and got my other two Lowryders a little pregnant, but not bad…only 21 seeds for both plants..
    So is it possible that pollen could had stayed on the plants? Because if you look at my very first pic you can see the size difference of my two plants then to them now..can pollen stay active that long? If so my thought is occasionally pulling the plants out of the box might of sturred up the pollen…if so I am excited to see the mix of LR2 and Early Misty as well as LR2 and Blue x skunk..
    Or do you all think that more than likely my Early Misty is a Hermie? I really didn't notice balls at the nodes I am really not sure…but on the other Hand all the Early Misty Pics I have seen looks a lot different than the long pistol one I have…so please help me on that..Either way I should have some interesting mix with my Blue x Skunk because its either pregnant from LR2 pollen or the hermie Early Misty..

    Ok well the next pic is a around 7 weeks for the plants and its time to Harvest the Blue x Skunk, one because the trichromes are getting milky and two I am getting concerned that more seeds will develop…this is just a close up of one of the buds..pretty huh? And talk about smelling strong..this has a more potent odor than my LR2's did..


    Next pic is part of my Blue x Skunk buds..the bigger ones..I left around 1/3 of the smaller buds on there to get a little bigger and give me a different stone and possibly different if the seeds are LR2 mixed then I like a few more to experiment with ..I plan to take them next week, but here is what I have trimmed, strung, and have ready to dry..

    So as of now left in my Grow box the 1st of August I have my remaining Early Misty which I'm trying to determine when to Harvest since its seeding now, but I think it will still be ok from what I read even if it's a Hermie..if not I will also have an awesome strain to try again…Also I have a few more buds on my Blue X Skunk to mature a lil more..Well this has been quite an adventure..I will have enough weed to last me a few good years considering I am such a light and special occasion smoker, no habit here for me..I believe in balance and could never let a plant control my life even though these last few months they have received lots of my attention…P.S.. in ordering my seeds I received some free ones..Sam the Skunkman's Original Haze x Skunk # 1..I have one of these babies outside that is currently around 4 feet and hasn't even started flowering yet…oh I hope it's a female cause if it is I should get a good few ounces of it if all goes well…I look forward to hear some comments on my grow log..I know it was long but for a newbie I don't feel so bad for my first time…
    Oh yeah I cant wait to try the Blue x Skunk…I will let you know..
    Lastly if any of you are wondering I watered my plants about once a week and while flowering about every5 days..I used Regular Miracle grow ever other watering during the veg cycle on all my plants and I then I switched to Miracle grow Bloom for my flowering cycles..seemed to work well for me..and as far as my soil I used a good potting soil and mixed in extra perlite..also worked well…

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