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    I'm doing my first grow, i have a purple trainwreck clone, white rhino clone, hollywood og kush clone, and a few bag seed seedlings going. They are in a box built in my closet that is 3x3x5. I have 24 100 watt rated, 1500 lumens each, CFL bulbs, 2 flora-glo 800 lumen tubes, and a dual t5 1200 lumen per bulb hood. I have an AC on the top of the box that pushes cool air down keeping temps around 75 at the canopy. I use Fox Farms Ocean Forest soil and the fox farm soil nute trio fallowing a chart. light is on a timer for 18/6 right now and i'm into my 2nd week for the bag seeds and the hollywood og kush, and week 4 for the rhino and purps. I'm gonna veg for 2 to 3 more weeks then flower. Currently all my lights are 5500-6500k, when i go to flower i have 2500-3500k bulbs ready to replace the blue spectrum bulbs for 12/12. I plan on going 18/6 for about the last week of flowering to try and get the last bit of resin out of the plants, also no water 4 or 5 days before harvest. I'm pretty sure i have the basics of what i need to do to grow good buds, I have sucessfully super croped the purple train wreck, toped 2 of the bag seeds, LSTing, 1 of the bags, and FIMed 1 of the bags, the rhino has been topped twice and the hollywood is just gonna be lollipopped, I want to see what works best for me and my setup. Basically any advise i might have missed would be great and if after this crop if i should move to the MH/HPS route.

    The Pics are, from left to right, Super Croped Purple Trainwreck, Hollywood Kush at 2 weeks, and the White Rhino a day or 2 after the 2nd topping.

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  2. Things i want to know, is the 40,000 lumens good for the space, is 7 plants too many for that size, take into consideration 5 of them have the possibility of being male?

    Is the high gloss white paint good or should i go out and get mylar.?

    Day time temps run from 73 to 80, night time is around 65, is this a good range?

    I have the Seedlings in 1 gallon pots, when should i transplant to bigger and to what, 5 gallon buckets are to big, are 2 gallon pots big enough?

    Sorry if i'm asking to many simple questions, I'm just a bit OCD and i've done hours of research online, I just want to make sure all is well, I'll post pics of lighting and plants as they grow as long as everyone is intrested in seeing my babies.
  3. Here are a couple pics of my lights and home made hoods. The I have 2 hoods both with the same light setup you see in the pic.

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  4. everything looks good might get crowded with all those plants and lts/supercrop

    use flat white not high gloss

    keep the night diff a little less extreme

    transplant 1-3-5

    u will wanna upgrade to hps for flower but cfls will be good for veg

    u also might wanna start a journal this forum gets crowded
  5. I have been tempted to get one of those 400 watt HPS/MH hoods but I've had a couple people say that soft white CFL bubls flower really well, I've been in a toss up, I can get a 300 watt 6" air cooled HPS for 80 bones or replace all the bulbs i have with soft white for 40 and give it a go. I know I will get MH veg, HPS flower after this run when i have more time and money but for now, is CFL 2500k bulbs capable of producing great buds if the genes are there?

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