First time grow, just some simple questions?

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    This is my first grow and everything is going "kind of" good so far. Although I'm not too sure how far away my 90w led light should be away from my 10 day old blueberry diesel clone?

    Also I've got it on a 16/8 and I'm wondering if I should change it to 18/6 or just run it 24hr. I have no idea because I've heard so many different things from different people, and if I do change it, will it stress out my plant?

    I'm just trying to see what's best for the little one haha

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  2. Well the 90 watt should at least be 12in away , Next leave it on the light schedule you have it on even though 18/6 or 24/0 is better but you dont want hermies . 16/8 isnt the end of the world not much difference
  3. Fersure thanks for the advice

    Also do you think is it bad that it's been anywhere between 70 and 75 degrees for about three days now?
  4. 75 is ideal, good temp to aim for. :smoke:
  5. got a picture up tell me how it looks

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