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First time grow [Journal] [Unknown Strain] +UPDATED+

Discussion in 'Micro Grows' started by LARob, Mar 10, 2012.

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    Hello grasscity, this is my first grow, I would personally like to thank roostaphant, Lizzie1000and1, Not Sure, Purplestuff420.. I asked a lot of questions but at the end I became very knowledgeable. It is a random seed I got from my seedbag. I will be updating the journal with pics every week.

    I will gladly answer any questions and I will respond to any criticism as well..

    Day 5 after Germinating [3/8/12]
    *It grew quickly, it's been around 5 days after germinating, and this is how it looks now (healthy?)*




    Day 12 [3/15/12]
    *It looks pretty healthy to me, growing nice and fast*



  2. Well screw this community, I am moving on.
  3. dont get mad man that nobodys replying, we've all seen seedlings people will become interested as it moves on, ima start my journal soon, 12 strains 800w MH/ and HPS
  4. Your at an early stage atm so not many people will comment yet.
    Remember we`re all pot heads and have an attention span of a goldfish lol.
    I can assure you people will respond.

    I have and Im sure others will, GC is the best online cultivation community you wont find any better imo.

    Best of luck Im subbed and hope shes a girlie for ya :hello:

  5. I apologize towards my hostility, I was just at a stage where I really needed feedback to know if my plant was at a healthy stage. My plant has grown and I updated the thread.
  6. Good start! Looking good and growing fast . Hope to see this one turn out good . Good luck!

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