First time grow. Is this the beginning of light burn?

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    Looking for insight on my lil baby. Today marks one week since germination and I believe all is going well. Indoors under a 70w led single bulb, medium is soil. Watering at 6.3 - 6.5 ph. However I have noticed on the first set of serrated leaves possible discoloration? Is this the beginning of light burn? Or am I just being overly protective?

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  2. How high above her do you have that 70W LED light?
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  3. I have it approx 12" above. Too low?
  4. Thank you for checking things out! I'll be keeping a close eye on it to see if things change.
  5. Should also mention it is NOT a grow light at this time. Currently working on getting a decent board. And only noticing the serrated leave tip are slightly pointing upward. Normal?
  6. Perhaps. Is she stretching/leggy? If not, then you can try raising them to 15" and see how she reacts to it by the end of the next day. If she is, then leave them where they are. It ain't all that bad.
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  7. Thank you much for the help. Really appreciate the tips! This community is so helpful! I was raise a bit and see where we go!
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  8. Update for anyone interested. I followed what CannaBliss recommended and no stretching whatsoever. Only trying to get ready for her new leaves. I hope it's a her anyway. Lol only time will tell. Thank you again for your time and help Bliss!
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  9. You're welcome.

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