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    Hey guys, looking for some advice on my first plant. Here’s the low down..
    6500K CFLs with one 2700K bulb just to mix up the light spectrum.
    As of posting this, we’re in the 5th week since seedling. Growing in a 3 gal pot rn. Just gave the second dose of nutrients today. On a water, water, feed schedule. Using general hydroponics flora series nutes at 1/4 strength.
    I topped her a couple weeks ago in the middle.
    Problems so far have been controlling temperature and humidity.

    Looks like it’s really thick. Almost too short and bushy? Should I trim some fan leaves?
    I’ve moved it away from the lights in hopes she lengthens out and I can LST a bit for a more flat and even canopy.

    *i added pics from beginning to now in a comment below

    Updates soon to come...
  2. The later pics seem to show good color. If it were me, I would remove bottom most leaves and possibly ones that cover/block bottom stem/middle <densest> area a little, thin it out (but hardly so..not too much) to help with circulation. But I wouldn't want to do anything more than that. I think they look really good. Especially on a 1st grow.
  3. I agree with your thoughts on the thinning. I’m trying to keep a flat canopy but it’s so stocky it’s hard to LST. I’ve moved it away from the CFLs a bit. Hopefully it will lengthen out a little and I can start tying stuff down. Thanks for your input!
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