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  1. Hi everyone, I initially posted this probably in the wrong category, but anyways. I am a mid 20's professional poker player and a couple of my colleagues and I are currently venturing into the world of growing. Our experience with growing is none. A little crazy, but here we are.

    We have a consultant who is my friend. The consultant has many successful indoor and outdoor ventures, along with a wax operation so the Achilles heel here is his lack of time. Also it was just croptober for him so that makes it worse.

    We are 2 months in and have invested about 70k already, mostly on Led lights, electrical upgrades and rent. Currently have a rental in California for a little over 3 years paying 4.5k a month.

    We recently finished modifying the grow rooms, with the intention of bringing up the clones we have vegging in 4x8 tents, but the clones keep dying.

    Our end game here was if we can find our green thumb we'll be investing into a much larger indoor and outdoor operation in the near future.

    We did hydroponics on the first two attempts. Using a grow block inside of a bucket and basket with a mix of hydroton and rock wool as the medium. The first set of clones all died due to root rot from over watering because we suck. The second set we didn't properly saturate the grow cubes when watering which caused pockets of dry rockwool and that messed up the ph. The baby's show signs of nute lockout, calcium deficiency, pH burns, and root rot. Wtf. Our consultant wants us to do soil now because the learning curve for hydro is too high.

    The third set of clones just came in and this time we are switching to soil.

    We are basically all in at this point and we need this new set of clones to thrive, and I could use all the help and advice I can get. I'm pretty newb at this so flame away. Pics will be posted periodically as I figure out how this forum works, and upon request.

    Random info/stuff used:
    Lighthouse Hydro 480 Watt Led
    Fire OG /Grape Ape
    Roots organic soil
    Flora nutes and superthrive

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  2. Also about 20% of the clones from the second set survived and seem to be doing okay after we flushed out the cubes properly with no nutes. However they seem to have brown tips at the end of the leaves which I heard was due to a potassium deficiency? Can anyone diagnose by the photos on the bottom?

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  3. you definitely are better off doing a SOG or SCROG in soil with that much space.
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  4. We were already planning on doing scrog with the hydro system. Is it more beneficial in soil?
  5. You don't need to add nutes for about 2 weeks. Your gonna kill your clones. What type of medium are you using? With soil here's a tip when clones are transplanted in a 1 gallon for their feeding schedule on how I do mines....Monday after two weeks nuts them Tuesday don't feed Wednesday cal-mag Thursday don't feed Friday I ideally add great white which is a root enchancer Saturday don't feed Sunday water "flush" now at first you might have to switch off on Friday and flush and then the other week add if that makes sense to you...make sure if you using soil also add perlite and a major necessity is a great quality of earth warm be honest I fuck with the coast of main products....

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  6. Same advice again, find someone who knows what they're doing and give them an equal share so they stay interested.
    If your friend advised you to get LED's instead of 1000w HID (MH/HPS) on a commercial grow he knows fuck all and he's done you no favours....
  7. I don't understand how you could possibly use a consultant who recommended hydroponics even though he has clearly never done hydro hence the 'learning curve' bullshit
  8. Yeah nutes won't be added for a while.

    I'm using a roots organic soil.

    Yeah I've also been a huge sucker for all the products. I've already dipped my clones in a floride and axis solution. Gonna be bug bombing after the clones take root in the dirt too.

    We went with led instead or hid because we have power issues, only 125 total amps in the house.

  9. Actually he's done both hydro and soil plenty of times. The thing is, I take full responsibility for whatever has happened because in the beginning I thought I could get by with minimal reading by myself and some advice from my friend.

    True both sets of clones died but from the very beginning he recommended to do soil because hydro is more complex for new growers.

    As for the issue of consulting, I have access to no one else, but I have faith we'll be able to recover. He has a lot more time now, and I took the time to read 2 cultivation books and I'll continually to educate myself.
  10. Don't be a hater dude. I'm not a troll I just want to best utilize all my resources including a forum full of advice.
  11. 125 amps through HID is still gonna get you more weed than 125 amps through LEDs. A 1000w hps will cover more sq feet effectively than an LED. Use this site as a reference for problems and tips on the basics
    Growing weed is not fast easy money which is what I think you are after. It takes a lot of work to produce a couple of hundred pounds a year, which is what you should be looking for with that kind of investment.
    Find a single strain that produces good yield and has short flowering like critical.
    Stick with nutrient free soil. 3 gallon buckets are more than big enough.
    Go with SoG(sea of green). Literally have the pots touching each other. Do a 3 week veg at 18/6 and then flower12/12. Scrog is fine for home growers but wastes valuble time and increases labour on a commercial grow.
    Put some of the Leds up for sale with an aim to replace them all with HID. You want 1000w per 4'x4' plot and aim to get 25 plants under each of those lights. Expect about 1.5 oz /sqft when you've got your shit together.
    And the best of luck, I hate to see anyone fail and give up.
  12. So how does one become a mid 20's professional poker player?
  13. By having it be your only source of income for last 6 years. This isn't a poker forum, but if you'd like to learn more I can lead you to a poker forum.

  14. If time is the issue not money why not just hire a full time consultant to be hands on instead of having a guy who already has his hands full try an over extend himself?

  15. I'll take you up on that offer lol, I like poker.
    And I would do a soilless like peat moss or coco fibre, it's super easy. And you shouldn't have any clones dying lol just root them and give them water until they're a few weeks in or start to yellow from nitrogen deficiency.
  16. I wouldn't know where to begin and there's a whole issue on trust. My current guy I've been cool with for almost a decade now. Security is definitely an issue for me, I wouldn't want just anyone to know.
  17. Look up 2+2 forum, it's seen a decline since Black Friday but still the go to website. A lot of good strategy posts and can really improve your game.

    Yeah this time we will have it on lock.
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    It really is if you know what you're doing. growing is easy, finding someone to sell your product to legally can be the difficult part MOST dispensaries play favorites. lol

    But that much space with what you make to seem like unlimited resources, you could grow massive yielding plants. I would go with soil myself, just more predictable for the most part. a full aeroponic system would be fun to do in there too.
    LED hasnt caught up to MH/HPS in plant growing terms yet, but maybe in the future it will.
    yeah like you said, you need someone who knows what they're doing. theres a ton of us on here who do, so you should be in good hands.

  19. I forgot to mention, any amount we can grow will be taken off my hands immediately through my friend.

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