First Time Grow Grandaddy Purps X Granddawgy Purps W/ 600W Mh/hps (Unreleased Genetics)

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    Ok so I've read loads of Journals in the past and I've been lurking the forums for who knows how long but in-between that I've slowly but surely been getting all the materials together to grow!
    I now have everything and have recently germinated and decided to keep a journal which I hope you guys will like. I will do my best to update it as frequently as I can so just let me know what you think everyone? Also let me know how you think this thread looks as it took a while to try and design it and I think it looks quite good now :)
    What I have:
    • Carbon Filter
    • DWC Hydroponic Pot (Clay Balls and RockWool)
    • Reflective Grow Box (Made myself however not finished but built enough to begin growing)
    • Nutrients & Seedling Vitamins
    • Scrog
    • 600W Ballast and MH bulb for vegging / HPS bulb for flowering
    What needs doing:
    • I need to finish the box, making sure its airtight and reaches almost the hight of the shed.
    • Installing IR protective sheet to the roof of the shed to ensure FLIR will not detect any abnormal heat signatures.
    • Purchase a digital timer for the lights as the current one isn't working and although the seedling is currently under 24hours of light I need a timer before I switch to 18/6...
    Ok so the strain I have decided to begin with is Granddawgy Purps X Granddaddy Purps. These are some unreleased genetics by Connoisseur Genetics given to me by Greg de Hoet.
    This photo is of the Carbon Filter, GrowBox, Scrog, DWC hydro Pot.
    Photo of the Reflector on the pulley system with the light ON.
    Carbon Filter and Inline Extractor Fan
    All my nutes, liquids, meters etc ;)
    Right so thats my setup (Contained within spoilers due to large, HD photos!). I will post photos of my seedling under the lights in a couple of minutes and try to keep the thread updated as frequently as I notice a change. I will also be replying to any comments whenever I see them etc. Keep checking the thread for updates of my first grow of this unreleased genetics and to see how its going! :)
    Brad - Stay Stoned everyone! :)

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    Update 01:
    Ok so I've taken some photos of the seedling and included some pictures that should give you guys an idea of the distance I've left between the plant and the light as I wasn't sure if it was too close...
    I'm going to post them without a spoiler, if you would like me to add spoilers to these photos and any other photos I add, just post below and I'll do my best to add spoilers from now onwards  :)
    What do you think so far? Plant looking alright? I'm not sure if the leaves hanging down is a sign of the lights being too close but I'll do some searching on that and in the mean time I have moved the lights a bit further away and moved the rockwool deeper into the clayballs (Photos taken AFTER the move).
  3. Update 02:

    Looks like she may die. Possible root damage and stress caused by having to remove her early from the hydroton as shed sunk a bit too deep. Ive regerminated the same strain on the assumption she'll be unable to pull through however I've fed her some superthrive and hoping for the best. Will update in a few hours with whats happening.

    Wish her the best of luck ;)


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  4. Update 03:
    Unfortunately she looked very ill and I don't feel she'll be worth keeping in the hydro setup. I'm going to be transplanting her into some soil outdoors and if she does decide to pull through she can thrive outside in the garden. In the meanwhile the same strain was germinated yesterday morning and I'm hoping to see a taproot in the next 7-31 hours, as soon as she gets a taproot I'll snap a pic and upload it here and then she'll be moved into some rockwool.
    Would you guys suggest keeping the rockwool in a dark, warm and moist environment until it shows further signs of root growth or put it under light as soon as its in the rockwool? I ask this question as technically, even though it will have a taproot once in the rockwool it'll still be in early stages of germination and thus I feel it might benefit from a germination environment rather than a vegetative environment such as under the MH light in the growbox. Let me know what you guys think??
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    you didn't germinate your seedling long enough...  you transplanted too early
    all is not lost...
    get that rockwool cube a little higher...  more hydroton and make sure the hydroton covers the rockwool, we shouldn't see it...
    also the net basket needs to be filled to the brim with hydroton...
    directly attach your carbon filter to your exhaust fan... 
    more pictures please and keep vigilant.... 
    Thanks for the reply, unfortunately the original plant suffered from some sort of stress induced root problems due to her falling too deep into the hydroton (this was after I'd removed her from the rockwool as I thought it was over-watering her as it had no air pockets..).. This caused the stress which made her look iller than I'd ever seen... I decided it was pointless trying to revive her at such an early stage of growth as I've already learnt from most of the mistakes I'd made so I planted her in my garden outdoors and germinated another seed (same strain.)
    I'll keep this page updated with further updates on the seed however I have a few questions for you if thats ok? :)
    1, The seed has now got a taproot and I've placed it into my rockwool cube (Soaked in PHed bottled water for roughly 3hours), unfortunately after checking on it today, it seems as though the root is growing up towards the hole and not down towards the bottom of the cube where the hydroton and water is. Is this normal? Will it grow downwards or should I attempt to move the root down?
    2, The pot I have roughly holds 3gallons and 3litres of water which is the point when the water is just coming through the netpot. My problem is if I put the rockwool cube directly into the netpot at this stage the water is all soaked in by the cube leaving no air gaps for the roots to breathe. I thought maybe if I put more hydroton to cover the water and then the rockwool cube and then more hydroton to cover the rockwool it may help but then I worry that the rockwool will dry out and not get enough water... What would you suggest?
    If theres anything particular you want to see, any pictures etc just ask and I'll upload :) As for the carbon filter, are you suggesting I remove it from the ducting and put it straight onto the inline extractor fan? This seems like it'd give it a stronger pull and thus eliminate more odours however it's also taking it further away from the plant and possibly allowing more heat to come from the HID. Also, the growbox is far from finished and eventually it'll have wood covering the entire box all the way to the ceiling at which stages I'll NEED to ducting and will drill a hole through the wood to attach the ducting to the carbon filter but for the meanwhile I can remove the ducting if you'd still suggest doing so?
    Looking forward to hearing more from you and anyone else who wants to give their input?
    Brad :) Stay Stoned!  :smoke:
  7. heat rises... your pulling air from too low in the box... your actually heating your grow space... unless your going to hook that ducting directly to the light connect the filter directly to the fan so it cools your space sooner
  8. Ok... Thanks for the suggestion :) I'll move it later today! As for my other questions do you have any idea?

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