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  1. my first post here, i've had difficulty finding good help and guides on seedsprouting and planting, so i thought i should describe my first grow and take advice or offer some if anyone wants it?

    growing weed is simple if you follow some guides and have alittle "knowhow!"

    grasscity has a fine selection and the seeds are in good order, and you can safely order anything you need.

    i ordered the "firsttimers growkit" and i'm happy so far with the deal.

    i've read a few guides here and there and i set out to buy my equipment:
    1$ = 5,8 NOK

    i tried to be discreetly about my shopping intentions, i stated that i need lighting for my attic, was taking care of a flowergift and was thinking of creating an indoor flowerbed.

    i was low on cash and the selection was mildly terrible(smalltown disadvantage).
    i bought a kitchen armateur (2x18watt) 199NOK,- flowersoil with bark and pellets 59NOK,- ferts(7+1+6) 30NOK,- wires and contacts 100NOK,-

    thats all you need (plus seeds).

    day 1.
    i took 4 seeds and put them in a soaked napkin(just water), and i put it on a plate on top of my CRT screen, in a few hours the napkin was dry and i soaked it every 3 hours about 4 times total, after that 2 of the seeds was about to start sprouting.

    day 2.
    two seeds sprouted and a third looked about ready to sprout. i planted all of them in the minigreenhouse that came with the seeds. and then i hung up the lighting (sideways due to closet space). all was ready to go. i started spraying water with alittle mild ferts everytime the soil dried.

    day 4.
    the seeds that sprouted was growing up now in form of a long white stilk(later i discovered this was actually the root that had turned upside down). i was now happy and content with what i thought was the stems growing. and continued to water and placed them close to the lights (10 cm cuz theres little warmth in 2x18 watt).

    day 7.
    disaster! the "stems" started to grow thin and browngreenish, i was going WTF??!
    i searched 8 different grow sites and searched all over for an explanation, but nothing was to be found about seeds and roots :(

    day 8.
    i buried the "stems" and watered and put them in the sun, after 8 hours they started to look all better again. but still a mystery as to why they where still so thin...

    day 9.
    finally some luck, a friend gave me a complete guide in norwegian on how to grow properly. i found out that the soil had been too hard at the bottom and the seeds had chosen to grow the roots upwards instead of downwards. so i had mistaken them for stems and not roots. one word: PANIC!

    what I did was to remove the seed shells completely from the root, and bury them again at 1cm dept and water directly on them, and then put them in direct sunlight for 4 hours.
    i put them back in the closet close to the lamps and went to bed when night came.

    day 10.
    the two sprouts were healty and fine again (yay), more sunlight, more water with ferts and more lighting due to a aluminumfoil cardboard plate i made and suspended over my sideways armateur.

    day 11 (present day).
    the sprouts are about to burst open and finally show some "foliage".

    i will continue my log if the seeds make it, but i have wasted many days just because the seeds chose to grow up instead of down, so I hope someone could mention in their guides that the long white sprout is to be placed downwards, and that you need to make sure that the bottom soil is very loose. i would also mention that so far i've only used a regular kitchen armateur and some water and basic flowerferts in the water. but i am just growing a plant or two for my own usage.

    question: should i place a banana next to the "minigreenhouse"? i've heard rumours that it increases the chance for female plants.
  2. the leafs have finally begun to emerge now :)
    on of the sprouts looks alittle unwell(they have been through alot), but i belive that both sprouts will eventually make it to the grow stage.
  3. *** Urgr8estfear ROFLMAO ***

    Forget it buddy. If only it were that simple...
    Maybe you can try a cucumber though?;)
  4. okey, ran into a few problems with a shitty rainstorm and cold wind thats been blowing here up north...

    my sprouts almost died, had to cut down on security alittle to try to keep them warm. also the roots started to curl and above the actual leafs. i tried to carefully bend them somewhat straighter. its a possibility that one of the two sprouts have a small tear but they both look healthy again and the leafs are starting to grow little by little.

    but just to be on the safe side i've started to sprout 3 more seeds, just in case anything more shit happens to my sprouts.

    i'll post again when they've grown abit more, or they die. at this point anything could happen. but i think they have a fair chance. but i'm concerned about temperature..

    bbl :p
  5. as i feared its a bust.
    i now only have one seedling (its in pretty good shape though).
    but it's not enough to write a journal on. plus i'm abit busy nowadays.
    but i've started sprouting some seeds and reckon it will be better this time due to some more heat and more knowledge :)
    so i'm signing of this grow journal.

    mods plz feel free to close this subject :)

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