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  1. Hey guys, this is my first grow. From seed in DWC, Dutch Master Gold, 6x3x3 tent, 400w mh/hps, cooltube, airconditioner coming in next couple days and 250cfm fan and carbon filter to come in next couple weeks.
    I have had bad heat issues, a fungus gnat infestation and brown algae problems. I have moved the grow from the shed to inside the house, used a natural pesticide for the fungus gnats and used c202 for the algae and although the temps are still hovering around the 88f mark, this is an improvement over the garage temps. The four in the yellow container are about a month old (2x supposed White Widow, 2 x unknown Indica) and have been tipped and supercropped. The four in the white are Barneys Critical Kush and the two in the silver are Samsara Spiritual Punk(the 2 freebies). the seedlings are 7 days since sprouting. They will be moved into a bigger dwc
    container later. I will be cloning the best either critical kush or spiritual punk for my future single strain crops. My current concerns are the heat (though the aircon should fix) and rusty spots on mostly lower leaves. I don't know if this is the result of the gnats.
    Im really stressing because of the issues I have had and would love some help/guidance/advice/critique/anything say hi? Thanks heaps:wave:

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  2. Really friendly here, I'm going back to RIU. PEACE

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