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  1. Hey everyone, i'm starting out my first grow and need some answers. I've already explored this and other forums but it's still likely i'll ask questions someone's stickied (if so, sorry). So to start off I'm trying to do a DWC grow but have next to no idea about hydroponics.

    After several weeks of here-and-there shopping I think I have most of what I need except: hydroton (or equivalent), Net pots (with a good wide lip) and Nutrients. I don't mind using ferts but i'm willing to do organic and looking for a simple recipe to follow. If you know a place online that would bundle some nutes, hydroton and net pots send me a PM for sure!

    If I wanted to switch from DWC to a hydro setup, could I do that? And how? Is it just a matter of installing a pump?

    Also i've already hung my Mylar, does anyone have suggestions on how I could flatten it out and prevent heat spots?

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    DWC(deep water culture) is a hydro setup...

    how bout just trying out a bundle DWC grow? its easy, already built and if you ever decide to get something bigger going you can link them together for one large system?


    General Hydroponics WaterFarm Complete [706975] - $49.90 : The Hydro Source - Hydroponics Experts, Leaders in Environmentally Friendly Hydroponics

    it has everything pictured and it comes with some nutrients i think... fifty bucks.. and totally upgradable

    My friend has this style of DWC(the eight bucks tied together with one additional bucket for adding nutrients and PHing, with a RES)


    I don't know why the buckes are linked together that way... its wrong.... but you kinda get the idea..

    I really like the General Hydroponics stuff.... their nutrient line is always a really awesome place to start..... anyway man... if you have some questions you can PM me...

    your going to find people who agree with what i've suggested and others will say it sucks... its like asking whats your favorite color... their all awesome, but whats your favorite... I just gave you something simple, cheap and not just total junk if you find you wanna go bigger

    good luck

    edit... i forgot to mention... that system only comes with the dripper, I would get a Y splitter for the air pump(or a second air pump) and put a air stone or two in the water of that system(glue them to the bottom of the bottom bucket using aquarium silicone)... it will help
  3. I've already spent a fair bit on supplies so far; so buying that Waterfarm is out of the question. So I'm trying to make my own. I have containers in Aluminum foil but I'm in a shitty rural town with no hydro store so I'm trying to find a substitute for hydroton. I have my air pump and lines set up, air stones and bubble wand. I also have some old fish filters that'd be good for bubblers. However when it comes to auto watering I'm pretty lost even WITH instructions, which I've read a couple times.

    I'm using CFLs to start off with and have separate HPS and MH for later. But right now only have 250 watts, will I need something smaller?
  4. Hydroton

    what else do you need to know
  5. This is the setup I use. Except that the tubing is different like you mentioned. Mine has a tube entering and exiting the bucket. I also add extra pumps and drilled holes at water level to add air stones. I did this to both my rez tanks too. I also run GH Power Eco Growers. I tend to like these better than the one posted above. The reason I say this is because they are self contained drip systems, meaning no community rez tank (although you can get them with this formation, plus you can turn them into DWC in the same manner). These add a little work when it comes to tending to them, but the benefits are well worth it. It allows you to give each plant what it is wanting. Instead of trying to find a medium between all of your girls. It will also allow you to have better control over the water temps without the use of a chiller or other cooling techniques. I plan to sell my setup that is like the one above after this round, and go strictly Power Eco Grower self contained systems!
  6. [​IMG]

    thats the eco grower? I would have just gone under current than moving backwards so a single DWC, but to each his own... as long as the grower is happy that always makes the best plants...

    start a journal, i'd love to see some pics of your setup
  7. I shall! The next round, I will do all one strain. I will have some in the Power Eco's and some in the Water Farms. I will do everything exact as much as I can. I will try to post everything. I will definitely let you know so you can subscribe to it! ;)
  8. Hey, if you can't find hydroton, locally, try small lava rock. Be sure to buy it new (not from your neighbor's planter, which mught have fertilizer, or who knows what in it. Rinse it out really good, and maybe even bake it in the oven to kill any funk before using it.
  9. I ventured out and got: Hydroton, net pots, mesh net pot lids and a bunch of other cool stuff at the "local" hydroponics store. But I also made an awesome error and got a soil ph tester at the hardware store instead of something for water, and checking at the hydro store their cheaper digital kits were $120 more than I really wanted to spend.

    I was also happy to get some Nutrients, but having no experience I kind of feel like I took a shot in the dark (even with some help). I got this:

    "5 ml A & 5 ml B to 1 Litre of H20"
    x 1 DNF GRO Part A 1 Litre [ 2-0-2 ]
    x1 DNF GRO Part B 1 Litre [0-3-1]
    x1 DNF BLOOM Part A 1 Litre [3-0-3]
    x1 DNF BLOOM Part B 1 Litre [1-.5-3]

    I also got these: Monster Bloom [0-50-30] and Monster Grow [12-7-15] from GROTEK 130g which call for 6 & 12 g's respectively. So I guess my question is: has anyone used this? And also, can I get some advice on a cheap digital PH tester (or maybe a link? ((I know there is a thread for it somewhere and I promise i'll look for it after I post this)) ) Is getting a root coat/guard absolutely necessary if you're doing DWC? If it is, can I hillbilly rig some out of Mylar?

  10. After re-reading my initial post I think I mean to say: switching from DWC to recirculating with a master res, because that'd be easier.
  11. Hey, check out the thread in my signature. I built my own undercurrent recirculating DWC. Works like a champ!!

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