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  1. Hi, this is my first time growing. I am growing 4 Chemdog plants and 3 Sour Bubble. I am growing from clones and today is day #5.

    I am using Ocean Forest in 5 gal pots out on patio. First question for those experienced at growing these strains outdoors: how often should I water the plants? Some say to water by soaking soil every 1-2 days. Others say soil should be dried completely between waterings, and to water about once every 4-5 days.

    HELP! I don't want to overwater, but I also do not want to underwater. I noticed that soil is still dark and wet (from dampness) but then I also noticed plants get downturned and they suddenly perk up within hours after I soak their pots with water. Should I water every other day, or should I allow leaves to downturn slightly but allow roots to search for water in soil by themselves? I heard this helps plants and yields to have soils span out in search of water and soil.
  2. When you can poke your finger in the soil and if the top 2 inches is dry you need to water. If it is still damp like you are talking about, LTFA.

    Try and remember how much your soil weighs without water so you can get a feel of when you need to water.
  3. Okay, thanks washed. That's what I thought.

    So, even though the soil is damp to the touch and the plants are still little with obviously very short and shallow roots at this point, and even though the leaves tend to appear curved downward, I should just leave them alone to search for their on water in the soil at this very early stage, right?

    I noticed that when I have watered them directly on their shallow roots every couple days they have perked up and grown slightly overnight.
  4. Its because you are growing from clones. Did you start them in the shade? Or just stick them out in the sun all day?

    I forgot you were growing from clones. These guys need super high humidity. So definitely get some kind of perferated dome on top of them. And a spray bottle so you can keep the top inch of soil moist.

    Seeds shoot a taproot strait down so they can get water from any level, while clones need to grow new roots in order to get water.
  5. Oh, okay. Didn't know clones had to get new roots. Yeah, I bought clones and transferred them from their rockwool they were in to Ocean's Forest in 5 gal pots same evening I got them. Today is Day 5 since I've had them...growing them out on patio.

    I watered them earlier today, about half a gallon per pot. I think they're looking good.

    Question: There are a couple of leaves on some of the plants that look half healthy, but then the other half - the tips - of the leaves are yellowed and decaying. Should I pluck off those leaves this early? I heard when you cut a branch about halfway or so it grows back into two branches...
  6. So, plants are looking's been about 8 days since I brought the clones back. They are in Ocean's Forest soil in 5 gal buckets.

    The plants look good but some leaves look half healthy and the other half (the tips) look discolored, dried and withered. What should I do? Will the dead ends regenerate or heal themselves, or should I just pluck any leaves with dead ends off?

    Picture of plants is attached.

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  7. Looking great bro, don't worry, as long as the new growth is healthy your chillin.
  8. Thanks, man.

    So you think I shouldn't pluck off any of the partially dead and discolored leaves?
  9. I don't see any leaves you should pluck off in that picture. Let them grow and if the leaf has 0 green left then you can pull it.
  10. Alright, so it's been exactly a month since my clones want in the ground. Altogether I am guessing they are about 6 - 8 weeks old.

    I live in Southern California so right now is good time of year; I have them growing in pots outdoors.

    I am not sure but a couple of them seem to be in the very beginning stages of flowering. Should I be concerned, should I do anything additional? They look like they are growing great, and in great condition.

    A pic is attached.

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  11. Oh, and by the way, I have since added more plants. I have a total of 12 plants:

    - Chemdog
    - Sour Bubble
    - OG Kush
    - Headband
    - Sour Diesel
    - Firefly
    - Snappy OG

    This is my first time growing so if anyone is familiar with growing any of these strains and can give specific information regarding growing outdoor, I greatly appreciate it.

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