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FIRST TIME GROW!! check it out and let me know what you think

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by wayneweezy3jh, Dec 22, 2012.

  1. The most recent bag I bought had a few seeds in it and I figured what the hell. I have sucessfully germinated 5 seeds and they are in the seedling stage as of now. they are all different sizes because like I said they were bag seeds and I was just germinating as I found them. I bought 2 5000k CFL bulbs for the first stages. I bought a 10$ thermometer/hygrometer from walmart and my temp is staying between 75 and 79F and the humidity is low around 30%. My lights are on a 18 on 6 off timer right now. I have not bought any nutrients or potting soil i just used some dirt from a hole my dog started digging in the back yard. The lights are placed about 4" from the plants right now I also have a fan placed above the plants blowing on them. Any advice or feedback is welcome. I think I've pretty much covered everything so far.

    This is my first attempt to ever grow lemme know what you think? this is Day 7 since the first sprout :)

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  2. Lights can be closer like 2-3 inches see how they are trying to stretch for the light, get rid of clear pot or paint it black and 1 plant per pot either than that looks good.
  3. as of today they are all in seperate pots but they are still clear plastic pots I could try to get the lights a little bit closer. Do you have any suggestions of the humidity and what I should be feeding them?
  4. holes in bottom of pots?

    You need some perlite in that soil or it will probably get too hot.
  5. here's my advice..

    move the lights WAY closer, if they are that tall and skinny already then they wont do well down the road, MUCH less yield if they don't break and fall over first. (hold your hand right above the plant, if it doesn't burn you then its good. keeping the light close will make it grow wide instead of tall)

    clear plastic pots are bad. you don't want light to get to the roots. paint the pots or start over in a better container.(if you would like to see mine, i have been posting a grow on here)

    also, make sure you have a light breeze directly on those plants, they will push against the wind and grow stronger (dont you just love these things!)

    im a hydro grower so my soil knowledge is limited, but perlite is greatly important for organic growing.

  6. I actually have some perlite that i bought for growing mushrooms. i have moved the lights closer i'd say they are about 2" from the top of the plants.

    I plan on removing them again in a few weeks into slightly larger pots with some fresh potting soil, util then I will get some tape or paint to block the light on those pots. as for the light breeze i have that covered I have a fan above the plants and its providing a perfect breeze for them.

    Anyone have any suggestions on lights for flowering I'm thinking about making my own LED panel but I don't know any good suppliers to get individual LED's from BUT, my overall plan is to keep the set up I have now for my mother plant and vegging and then I have an old TV cabinet that with a few modifications would make a great flowering box/chamber whatever you want to call it I'd to line the inside with mylar, put a fan or 2 at the top and have some sort of adjustable light platform whether it's a LED panel or a Flourescent ballast or a couple HPS lights ... idk help me out i need advice from pros im a mere amatuer. :)

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