First Time Grow CFL to Led Help?

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    Hey guys i just want to share my first time grow and i need ur help.

    So this 2 plants was from a bag that got some good indica flower. I used CFL for 33 days (6 bulb total 50w) after i change to a grow led “600” from Amazon (17 days using this light) i dont know if is really 600w but whatever i have been feeding plain water from tap. i dont have ph meter, because i was not serious on growing this plants but hey i guess i will buy it soon. One plant is in 2g pot the other one in 1.5g pot and i did topping.

    Anyway so today is 50 days on veg running 18/6 I really don’t know if the plants are ready im not sure if they are female or male because i have not seen a change, but they are getting their first day on change schedule and bloom light.

    So now i got few questions lol

    My grow led got full spectrum, should i use it?
    What nutrients should i get? I got $60 for them.
    Should i transplant to a bigger pot?

    2390F974-CD87-402F-A918-0E0A69F4F083.jpeg 41A3CE0A-C49B-466B-8DD5-2A7EDD9E7955.jpeg A9157E98-CF09-4092-910A-21BB8489C197.jpeg 2F4B987A-E7F3-4711-AB82-752947B20289.jpeg
  2. Go to Home Depot and buy black magic Part A & B and get the Bloom booster for flowering. You won’t regret it and it should be under $60.
    You should have kept the full spectrum on during veg and switched to red in flowering.
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  3. at 50 days, you should be able to flip to 12/12 and they will show their sex soon enough, if you haven't been anle to tell yet. As far as nutrients, that's up to you to decide on what you want to go with. You can do as Dead Head OG mentioned, email Oregons Only and get a shipping cost for their 6 pack of quart bottles of their starter kit (Nectar of the Gods excellent stuff), or go with another brand.
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  4. Next run i will do full spectrum thanks
  5. I just did it. Nice to know there’s company that give samplers. I was thinking to get FF Nutrients but i will test nectar of gods! Have u guys ask for their sampler before? How long it takes?
  6. yes I have. 3 times. costs me about $45 for shipping but its about a $250-300 value so it is well well worth the cost. I would say anywhere from 3-7 days depending on where you live. It is a very forgiving nutrient that is calcium based that uses marine and fowl calcium, instead of hooved bone meal.
  7. I’m am assuming there is in option to turn on some or all of your leds on depending on if you want full spectrum or red. If it were me I would turn on all the leds and give them the max amount of light for the 12hours.
  8. Its cost 63 for me. Im getting it is the range I want to spend for now and it got ph up and ph down added. So thanks a lot
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  9. Yes i was thinking to do it too but since I don’t know a lot I didn’t do it but it’s beneficial have all lights on right?
  10. Update: Did it start to show their sex?

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  11. Any recent pics? Im in for the ride

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    Well got some update:

    Had to throw it to the back of my house. Got some problems with the law. After 5 days, i could find them but they was in pretry bad shape so i try fix them and everything but i feel like i was wasting time so they are now outside to growing alone. (Im using some recharge to help them)

    So im waiting to get my paycheck on 14 so i can buy the special of fastbud on seedsman website. Buy 5 get 5 extra and finally pay to ship the nutrients.

    Oh lmao remember i was going to buy ph meter?
    Well the guys got confused and sell me PPM meter

    52705F7C-7314-4913-8D92-08B7D7772794.jpeg 26DD1ACE-F1D0-4D9D-9257-2205177D8976.jpeg 9392FF1D-19AE-4E31-B12B-E9DD99C3B17C.jpeg A6875E0B-425C-42AA-97A2-200D1CAA9FA7.jpeg
    Btw they are both female!
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  13. I emailed them a 3-4 weeks ago and still haven’t seen the email
  14. Thats weird. I got the email 1 day after.
  15. I will try again on Monday. When did u do urs? Do u know who email was from(name)
  16. There no name on the reply. But in these day im sending my money to get their samples.
  17. They replied same day/nxt day idr. But within a full day I got email, answered questions, and paid the 38$ for shipping.
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    Update: so i put them outside but its been raining like crazy these days, so i got tired of not seeing any sun so put them again inside lmao im sorry.

    Anyway is second day again on the led light.
    Fed them a little recharge because the soil was still wet but and i can see the difference since first time i fed them. Anyway its 24 days on flower last 18 have been shit for them to flower and start looks good but i got faith. I will leave them inside.

    Total days: 74 (50 days veg 24 flower)

    Now the question begins.
    My PPM is at 1,110 is that good at my time?
    Can i keep going with recharge? I really want to save the nectar of god for my next run.
    I have seen few pistils already amber is that normal?
    At this rate how long the plant can keep flower?

    Pd: i will updlod the photos in few min
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    56F74054-0725-4A43-8399-0B56890421EB.jpeg E613DE35-5803-4EEC-A927-95425389C371.jpeg 240C4641-7BDC-44EC-802B-D66159FE1AC9.jpeg B3A3901A-ACA1-47E3-BCAE-B58304522F83.jpeg 347F7F0D-F8CC-4B31-B886-25529743BF92.jpeg
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    24B8B30F-E141-410F-95C5-6557EABDD120.png 40223033-EB72-4BCE-9BBD-5A0C29FA0531.png A58A089B-CFC8-4B35-B0C5-E51F9F87E5A1.png

    Update: How this girls looking? In 2 days im getting my nutrients i buy first the trio from GH. (micro,grow,bloom) Aren’t they a little darker?

    Btw should i remove all this under grow?

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