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  1. Yes introducing an intake fan with an exhaust could either create positive pressure allowing smell to leak. You want a negative pressure to have a non leaking grow.
  2. Thanks mate. I should still have a opening for intake (without fan), or simply nothing other than the opening for exhaust?

    I have spent the better part of the day studying up on LED. Some sites claim you don't even need exhaust. Do you have any thoughts on this?
  3. I'm not sure about that don't know much about leds. But you would need an hole to pull in fresh air while it exhausts the old stale air.
  4. ok thx again.

    I will start buying my gear this weekend. I will list everything I bought plus costs. And, I will start to take pictures of my actual box ;)
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    I am sure everyone remembers getting ready for their first grow. Well I have been back and forth on a few things and finally had to let budget dictate my direction.

    I have purchased 4x 65watt full spectrum CFL's and I have selelcted a few autoflowering strains from The Attitude seed bank's pick and mix menu. 1st Jock Horror Autoflowering Feminized, 2nd Lowryder #2 x AK47, 3rd a Blue Himalaya Diesel mix. Plus they are giving me a couple of more seeds for free. My objective is to keep my first grow as simple as possible and grow from there.

    I am going to grow in a bedroom closet that is mat white with a small oscillating fan. I wont need heat control becuase the closet door will stay open and the room stays on the cool side in the fall/winter. I will control the dark periods by controling the light coming into the bedroom. And, I will control the smell by a patio door in that room and febreze. I am basically going to seal the door to that room from the inside and access via the patio door. Plus I only plan on growing one plant before I move into my new place and than still probably no more than one at a time. But I will probably use a grow tent and scrubber than.

    I found an organic dirt with no nutriants for a resonable price and I will go with a large pot with water overflow tray.

    I read a bit about about Biobizz and think this may be the best route for me to go since it seems the most forgiving.

    Could anyone tell me since I am going with autoflower lowryders which nutes I should get from their line? I was thinking I wouldn't need more than Biobloom, rootjuice, and topmax? However, any help on this would be appreciated. As I don't want to waste any money.

    Also, and this will probably win stupid question of the month award. But, is ph a factor with dirt grows? Will I have to have ph up and down with a tester or is that simply for hydro? Or, is letting the water sit over night good enough?

    So far my cost are:

    1) 4x 65 watt full spectrum cfl's = 76.00 delivered
    2) 7 paid seeds and 3 free seeds = 72.00 delivered
    3) 1 Pot 5 quart 3.00
    4) Soil 15.00

    I just need to figure of the nutes and I will buy those straight away. Hoping I can have everything I need for 200 or less.
  6. you need two types of cfl's..

    2700k and 6500k... 2700 to flower and 6500k to veg your plant... or you can just flower, but its gonna be a small plant... hope you read this

  7. I was thinking two 6500 and two 2700 at the same time. The total actual watts would be 190 watts.

    EDIT- do you have any thoughts on nutes for auto flowers?
  8. im hydro only bro... gonna have to talk to some other peeps
  9. k. I might go hydro down the road, but I think I will have to do dirt until I at least understand that much. Thanks for the help.
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    Ph is a factor of course. If you get good growing medium which has 6ish ph like fox farm it probably won't be an issue, but that depends on the water you feed it. You would want a digital ph tester to test the ph runoff of your water. You also probably don't need all those nutes for the first month or so if you get good soil. You might want to invest in some mylar or reflectivex which is attic ducting its 97% reflective and you could put it inside whatever room your growing in. Unless you get a tent like you said you might. Someone said 100 watts per plant earlier which isn't right, its 100w for the first plant and 50w for each additional plant after that. Your going to want 2700k lights for veg and 6500k for flowering so your going to want 2 different sets of lights. I think the color is soft white = 2700k and daylight = 6500k? I didn't read all the previous posts so forgive me if any of this has already been solved. I would get some plastic square pots they are cheap and room efficient.

    EDIT: Is that really what you paid for those lights? ^.^ i can buy a 4 pack of 2700k 60 watts at home depot for 6 bucks. I run 4 100w 6500 during veg and that only cost me 15 dollars to. Where and why were those so expensive?
  11. auto flowers are great if thats what your growing i missed it. Nutes probably won't be an issue for the first month like i said but if it is, during vegetative stage you want a high nitrogen concentration compared to the other chemicals in your medium. Its the NPK system which is nitrogen phosphorus and potassium. the numbers will read something like "12-5-7" = "N-P-K" which would be good for vegetative growth, thats the % you can read on the back. For flowering you want a higher phosphorus concentration and lower nitrogen. So like "5-8-4" = "N-P-K"

    Theres the thread for all the information you need to know about chemicals. hope that helps.
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    So you think I could go with some simple over the counter local nutes instead of ordering a couple of Biobizz products? And, yes these will be auto flower lowryders so I am guessing I would simply skip the Veg nutes all together. The Attitude claimed on their web site that the seeds I bought are 9 to 10 weeks from seed to harvest.

    I am going to pick up the soil tomorrow and it seems like good quality bio without added nutes. I will use a large rubber made as my pot, but I haven't picked out a specific size yet. For the CFL's I thought Veg was 6500 and Flowering was 2700. I actually have paid 120 for my bulbs now. I have 4 65 watt full spectrum 6500, and two 28 watt OZONE air purifying 2700. I was thinking of running two times 65 watt and two times 28 watt for 20/4 or 18/6 the entire grow cycle. I live in Europe so finding any selection of cfl's is very hard. Shipping from the states to me was a big part of my lighting costs. But I was able to get exactly what I wanted in terms of watts, spectrum, and lumes. So yes very expensive but it felt right.

    I have been reading threads from this site for a couple of hours a day. There were some things that regardless of how much I read it still wasn't completely clear. Though it is getting better I am sure some of it will take getting started for it all to make perfect sense. I will read the link you posted some time tonight.

    And, thank you for all your feedback. I will post a link to my grow journal once I get started. The good news is everything has been order or I will pick up tomorrow. The bad news is if it isn't all here be the end of next week I wont be able to get started until after the new year as I am going out of town. :(

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